Wintermute to take on Siri and Google Now

by: Gary SimsJanuary 10, 2013

nuance_logoNuance, the company behind Dragon Dictate and Swype, has unveiled its new project which it hopes will become a challenger to Siri and Google Now. The project, which is codenamed Wintermute – after the AI in William Gibson’s novel Neuromancer, is a cross-platform, cloud-based virtual assistant.

Because it is cloud based, the new technology is designed to move from one device to another with the user. Although it will be designed to make use of whatever computing power is available in the current device in use, its cross-platform nature means that Wintermute will be able to offer a seamless interaction with all your devices. It will even be possible to start a dialogue on one device and finish it on another.

Since Nuance will offer apps for mobile devices and is able to embed the software in smart TVs, it will be possible to ask your Android smartphone the results of a football game and then move to your TV and say “show me the game.” The cloud back-end will automatically make the contextual link between what was said to the phone and what game should be displayed on the TV.

In another scenario, you are out and about and ask your phone to play some music. As you get back to your house or office you pause the music and then when you get to your desk you can tell Wintermute (on your PC) to “play that song I was listening to.” Again, because of the cloud processing, the PC knows what song you were last listening to on your phone.

What do you think? Cool or scary?

  • David Meckes

    Sounds very interesting. Nuance always seems to do things right. If anyone can pull this off they can.

  • MasterMuffin

    Cool and scary and useless for me :)

  • Hrishi

    Wow… Why nobody else think of this… This looks seriously handy

  • Diane Potter

    Ok if this is a virtual assistant, then what the heck am I? UGHH

  • Evan Wickes

    pretty cool… i am willing to bet G-tv is moving this direction also but it needs a big overhaul to get there.

  • Bruce Gavin Ward

    ‘now’ (oops) we are getting there; this is the future. Now on my Nexus is far superior to Silly (sorry SiRI), but i live in a totally different ‘bubble’ to most people; the Now ‘cards’ do not reflect my needs. As a selfEmployed cyclist i have no interest in traffic or the standard ‘commutingFlow’ and ‘popularist’ ‘CARDS’ on offer; i need an integrated crossPlatform personal support system to replace my failing memory.