Winner of Samsung Galaxy S3 – International Giveaway Announced!

May 24, 2012

    This will be the phone to beat in 2012 - the Samsung Galaxy S3

    Aww yeah! Who wants some Samsung Galaxy S3 goodness? Who? You! Yeah you!

    Well guys, we’ve done the giveaway and man, there was a lot demand.

    And for good reason! The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the hottest device of 2012 – so far.

    Anyway, from all of us here at Android Authority to all of you – we wanted to say a huge thank you for all the great support, and for checking us out! We’ve got tons of awesome international giveaways coming up every month!

    Good luck to everyone next time! Check back soon – we’re not going to slow down this giveaway train anytime soon!

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    • Glicy

      and the winner is DARCY LACOUVEE
      whole world is like…

      • Darcy Alexander LaCouvee

        Dude seriously, this guy is going to have an S3 before me! Before 99.9% of the planet!

        • Jawahar

          Good to hear from you, Darcy

        • Ahmed Salah

          He Is Really Lucky

    • Priyan

      how do you guys actually go about selecting the winners? =S

    • Jaredmyronarthurleonard

      who won?

    • AAWW

      who is the winner though??

    • Jawahar

      Congrats Brian :) Hope atleast i ll win next one :)

    • Bogdan Petrovan

      I’m jealous.

    • AndroidBrian

      Damn I herd my name and creamed my pants. “Brian” to bad my last name isn’t Conner.

    • Aman

      Congrats Brian

    • Ahmed Salah

      GRATZ BRIAN !!

    • Hp Tan

      Congratulations Brian! hope you enjoy your new phone!! :D

    • Bashar Ayyash

      When the next content will be held????



    • Oliver Crete

      Good luck Brian! Ever tried your luck in lotto?