Amiga classic game Wings getting an HD makeover

by: Andrew GrushAugust 13, 2012

From movies to games, the trend of remaking classics for the modern world is certainly in full-swing. In the gaming world, we’ve seen quite a few ambitious projects such as an HD remake of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy III. The newest classic picked up for a modern remake is the Amiga classic, Wings. For those that don’t remember it, Wings for Amiga was a classic World War I game that featured dog fights, top down bombing, and more. While the game had an arcade style to it, there was quite a bit of depth and a reasonably solid story as well.

The game’s original creator, Cinemaware, hopes to bring back the biplane dogfighter on both mobile devices and the PC. In order to attract funding, the project has hit Kickstarter, asking for $350,000 in crowd-funding support to get it off the ground. It is worth noting that this isn’t the first time that Wings has been updated with new graphics, with a Gameboy Advanced version in 2002. Unlike the GBA game though, the new version will feature HD visuals and affects.

The company has already secured almost $9,000 in pledges with 28 days to go. A pledge of $15 will secure your copy of Wings for iOS, Android or PC.

  • lol …. i must say i give them points for their marketing strategy. I think i’ve played this game before when i was younger, or something very similar to it :/ Yes it was an awesome game back then but things have changed in recent times.

  • I think this is a terrible idea. It was a good idea and worked in the 1990’s.. But leave it in the past where it belongs. Updated graphics != New game.