40M Windows 8 licenses in a month, 750K Xbox 360 in a week, but what about Surface?

by: J. Angelo RacomaNovember 28, 2012

Who says the PC is dead? While it’s “long live the tablet” for many users around the world, the PC still continues to be a strong platform. Microsoft reports that 40 million Windows 8 licenses have been sold within a month of launch. According to Blogging Windows, Windows boss Tami Reller has informed investors that Windows 8 is outpacing Windows 7 in terms of upgrades.

It seems Microsoft is making it easy (and cheap) for users to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8, with its latest $39.99 upgrade deal for Windows 8 Pro. But more than Windows 8 upgrades, Microsoft also has lauded the launch of its own Windows Store, which had “more apps … at launch than any other app store at their launch.” A number of Windows Store apps have since crossed the $25,000 revenue mark, 80% of which go to their developers.

Windows 8 still has a long way to go, says Engadget, citing Windows 7’s 600 million copies sold as of June this year. And since we’re talking about numbers, Microsoft also cites success in the console business in recent times, having sold 750,000 Xbox 360 console devices in the week leading to Black Friday.

It’s not all rosy for Microsoft, though. Redmond is mum about Surface sales figures to date. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was cited to say Surface sales were “modest” at best, which probably translates to “dismal” and “disappointing” in real world terms.

Reading between the lines, does this mean that Microsoft remains a strong force in the PC business, but that its efforts to capture some tablet market share are not going too well?

  • Terry

    Windows 8 is the biggest mistake Microsoft has made yet, I’d rather have a Mac. And I hate Mac.

    • Don

      Windows 8 store has more apps than mac app store..not including millions of desktop apps developed till date!!

    • Paradise

      Why? Because they try something new? Which works better than previous version?

    • I think that’s too early to tell. At first it was weird to see launching a new OS so soon after Win7. But after twiddling with Win8 for the past month, it is pretty obvious and see what they’re doing. They are trying to create a seamless integration through out all platform. Like right now, Win8 is the perfect OS to switch from desktop to tablet/hybrid for productivity software. iPad and Android devices can support some office work, but when it comes to moving 100% of the stuff to tablet, (Especially propriety company software and networking tools) you just can’t beat Microsoft on that front.

      Right now iOs are a different platform from Apple’s desktop counterpart. Android has almost no existence on the desktop front. Microsoft has almost 80 percent of the market share for desktop and laptop.

      Also I just heard that the Win8 phones uses the same Win8 kernel for the desktop version which makes porting software a lot easier. And the rumored Xbox720 will have the same kernel also.

      We could be looking the start of a platform coup by Microsoft where they can capture 80 percent of the dekstop and mobile in the next few years. If that happens, then we can start hating Microsoft again.

      Like the good ol’ days.

  • Is this including licenses sold to OEMs? Other articles suggest Windows 8 adoption has been disappointing.

    • NexusKoolaid

      Perhaps a better question is whether the 40M is a sell-in or sell-through figure.

      • There’s no way that’s a sell-through number.