Microsoft takes the Windows Phone Challenge on to TV

March 20, 2013
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    windows phone challenge

    Smartphone advertising can sometimes be a pretty blunt business, especially when it comes to feature comparisons. I’m sure you’ve all heard of Microsoft’s Windows Phone Challenge before, or “smoked by Windows Phone” as it used to be called. It’s a series of tests issued on the street or in Microsoft stores aimed at proving that Windows Phones are better than your handset.

    In case you haven’t seen it, here’s a recap video from CES last year.

    I makes for somewhat entertaining Youtube viewing, for a commercial stunt anyway, and Microsoft clearly thinks it’s time to take these challenges onto television.

    It plans to air a short 30 second clip of a camera challenge between Nokia’s Lumia 920 and Samsung’s Galaxy S3 on ESPN and CBS throughout the men’s and women’s NCAA basketball tournament.

    The new ad shows a comparison between the Galaxy S3 and Lumia 920′s cameras operating in low-light conditions, which seems fair game as the Lumia’s camera is fairly decent. I won’t spoil it for you, but I’m sure you can already guess who wins.

    You can already check out the clip on Youtube if you don’t fancy staring at your TV just to see the commercial.

    Microsoft clearly thinks that it’s on to a winner with this campaign, and I’m certainly a fan of doing some head to head testing in the flesh. But for that reason I’m not sure that a staged ad using company staff will have quite the same impact was walking into a store and having a Microsoft employee show you who’s boss.


    • Yushav Dahal

      lol….rofl…..funny….lol….microsoft, feel like a 4 year old is sobbing n sayin “my pops is better than yours”. c’mon be a sport, MY CROW SOFT :D

    • corona

      it’s getting old.
      people have already forgotten windows phone by now.

      • Ahmed Eltawil

        Do you have sources to back up that claim?

        • Rajvir Singh

          Windows Phone? What is a windows phone?

        • Arsenal™

          your eyes?? Jeez :|

        • james d

          Pretty much…

          Look at their sales stats!

    • danmcsw

      More staged lameness.

    • Trent Richards

      So this guy that actually knows how to use his smartphone goes up against a bunch of people that don’t. I notice he was speaking his commands yet all of the people he beat were typing. I wonder how many people used Google voice actions and smoked him. Obviously those don’t end up on the video. Long story short, this video proves nothing as a large part of it depends on how well the person can use their phone and clearly this microsoft employee is an expert at using windows phone.

    • LiiIiikEaBau5

      ahhaha who cares about photos??? I have a DSLR camera, i don’t give a shit to Microsoft and Nokia garbages!

    • APai

      so how come…the only place where MS phones are anything but fast are sales :P

    • Topcat488

      Wow, my 2009, 2010 phone got smoked by a 2012 Windows Phone… I’m impressed.

      • Matt

        +1, where are the new generation quad core phones!? Lol. Silly windows. “what kind of phone do you have? Overclocked Quad core” Oh no we cant do this challenge then. Sorry.

    • magnifico17

      is this the way to boost up sales? Microsoft is stepping on phone isn’t paying off as expected and is always struggling from behind with scanty profit margins when the figures are released.they are in the same nightmare as htc.