Windows Phone can’t beat Android, but it might join it on an HTC phone

by: Bogdan PetrovanOctober 4, 2013

htc one vs nokia lumia 928 aa featured

In a surprising development, Microsoft is reportedly coaxing HTC to offer Windows Phone “as a second option” on Android devices.

Microsoft is ready to cut or even eliminate licensing fees

People familiar with the matter told Bloomberg that Microsoft is ready to cut or even eliminate licensing fees in order to convince HTC to load Windows Phone on its Android devices. It’s not clear if the arrangement would involve dual-booting the two operating systems or just providing them as options for users to choose from when buying the phone. The talks are in a preliminary stage, and Microsoft’s head of operating systems reportedly plans to visit HTC’s headquarters this month to work out a deal.

HTC is one of the several manufacturers that offer both Android and Windows Phone devices, but the struggling Taiwanese manufacturer is clearly more interested in Google’s successful free OS. The last Windows Phone device from HTC was the Sprint-bound 8XT in June.

The fact that Microsoft may accept cohabiting with Android is a sign that the Redmond-based company is willing to try anything to get Windows Phone off the ground. While the operating system accrued a double-digit market share in some markets in Europe and South America, at a global level, WP is still woefully behind Android and iOS, with a share of under four percent.

An even more interesting development is that, according to TechCrunch’s sources, Microsoft discussed internally loading Android on the Surface line, to dual-boot along Windows. Some of the company’s younger engineers are said to be open to adopting Android, though senior staff members oppose the idea.

Like its American partner, HTC is between a rock and a hard place at the moment. The company registered its first quarterly loss since it went public and things might not improve anytime soon.

  • Mozaik

    Still no use against Samsung marketing budget , which is more than combined apple , Google , Nokia and Microsoft.

    • Bone

      Don’t forget about the great products like the Note II or III which makes the non-geek a Sammy soldier, cause the experience is just that much better.

      • Mozaik

        note 3 non-geek maybe you live in a dream. note 3 is geeks dream. samsung touchwiz user experience is like hate it or burn it , the best aspect about note phone is display , s-pen , multitasking and battery.

        • APai

          plenty of non geeks use a note 2 – simply because they like the s-pen and the form factor. of course plenty of geeks use the note series, but the total sales of the note series comes close to 50 million – thats completely off geek territory and niche consumer segment. OTOH – the nexus device which sold like a million or two is a proper geek device.

          • Mozaik

            you’re logic is so flawed. i will give you best example , apple iPhone are 4″ screen and they have sold more than galaxy note , that doesn’t mean 4″ screen is subtle.

          • APai

            you are funny. you mean, all those note series buyers are geeks ? hilarious. LOOK around you man, in my town, from taders to people who can barely read (but have money) have the note series phone, because it’s pretty handy device for those with large hands.

            that’s the reason why large phablets have become a vogue. people like large phones. nexus phones OTOH can be more of a geek phone because the nexus phones are never advertized, and its primarily sold on word of mouth. what does 4″ inch screen have to do with being subtle ?

    • Nihal


    • APai

      true, samsung spent HUGE amounts of money on advertising. apple gets free advertizing – they are a click/ link bait. so they really do not need to spend.

  • mrband

    So, two OS in a phone with 8GB-16GB storage to do the same functions? No, thanks, I don’t want an NSA backdoor at my phone.

    • APai

      actually, we do not know if google has also joined NSA to the same extent microsoft has (which is pretty much off the scale since ages)

    • AesopFableMonster

      Let’s quit with the defacto NSA quips. It’s old and tired already.

      • MSNSA

        as long as the NSA is doing it, it isn’t old or tired. . . and people like you telling people not to bring it up need to go shove your head into some sand.

      • APai

        is it old and tired if someone keeps stealing off your yard ?

    • someguy

      Why what have you been up to that you are so worried??

  • Cao Meo

    If MS pays HTC may consider it. And MS must pay a lot because those phones will certainly remain on the store shelf forever.

  • Q.

    The problem is Windows Phone is a terrible OS, I doubt bundling it with an Android phone will make a difference.

    • jaymck

      I wouldn’t say terrible – I liked the People/Me Hub and kids corner but definitely hated backing out of everything just to close it. I like my Nexus 4 but Android aint perfect. I like the idea of dual boot just maybe not on a phone.

    • Adam Eldin

      Windows Phone OS is nowhere close to as good as android, but, hey, it is a change of style and I would personally love to switch over to windows phone once every couple weeks just for the lolz. It isn’t at all a sustainable idea, but this proposal shouldn’t be ignored.

  • Qu Gh

    If they’re gonna do it, that phone should have at least 64GB of storage and also alot of apps should have the same (not 2 copies of) data in both OS’s like notes apps, alarms and Specially big apps like games which means they should connect them to each others and that seams to need a long time of hard work. but generally, it would be nice to have more than one OS on the same phone. :)

  • aet

    Great, now microsoft can take another struggling company, ruin what little chance they had at survival, and then buy them for patents and hardware expertise.

    All of my hate.

  • er4

    people would consider a windows phone because of the durability and good camera associated with nokia. it’s not the software people are interested in. it’s the hardware and nokia.

    • APai

      spot on. people bought nokia phones, not windows os. microsoft still has an uphill task selling schmindows

  • Scott Ricketts

    If they enabled it as a download (after I take a nandroid backup of course) I would seriously consider this. I doubt WP8 would ever be my full time phone but for free? I’ll give it a few days on my HTC One no problem. I’ve been wanting to play with it, just not enough to spend money on it.

    • APai

      but the MS crap would waste a goof chuck of the internal storage, if there was some way to sanitize the phone – then testing it would be an option. or else, you know that its crap, and it wouldn’t be good to waste precious internal space!

  • APai

    Help! My phone is infected by windows! :P

  • shaynej95

    I’m not a techno-geek but, why is Microsoft just now wanting to partner with another company ? Blackberry wanted to join forces with them a few years ago, and they refused. I thought that would have been a good partnership. Imagine, Blackberry, the ultimate businessman’s tool having Microsoft….You could use all of the windows programs on your phone, synced to your computer without having to use these ‘off the wall, not totally safe apps’…….

    • APai

      staying away from microsoft’s “partnership” is the best course of action. look at nokia – best example right now

    • Matthew Wypyszinski

      microsoft wanted in on the consumer market as much as they wanted in on the business one. Even a few years ago blackberry was obviously set up to fail as far as the consumer market went, im personally surprised they managed to hang in there as long as they did

  • Jarl

    it’s just a waste of space, so no

  • Groud Frank

    Hmm, I’m torn. I don’t have anything against windows phone OS and I don’t mind having the added flexibility of having more options available to me in the form of a dual boot. The problem is that windows phone OS doesn’t offer anything unique. Pretty much anything you can do with windows you can do with Android, even replicate the look and feel of the UI and UX. This brings up an interesting question for me. What if iOS offered a boot camp to dual boot android like they do with windows on OSX, would you buy the iPhone?

    • APai

      “What if iOS offered a boot camp to dual boot android…”
      that would be a cold day in hell.

  • Xennex1170

    Might actually consider a dual boot on one of the existing Nokia Windows phones. :D

  • Tuấn Ankh

    It would be 100 times better if MS allowed Nokia to partner up with Google and dual boot Android on the Lumia phones.

  • kaleid

    if MS want their WP platform to be more successful, they can start with less lock-down & less restriction. more customizable homescreen, more accessible developer mode, sideload app.

    partnering with anyone won’t change anything, as it has been shown in the past.

    • APai

      “if MS want their WP platform to be more successful, they can start with
      less lock-down & less restriction. more customizable homescreen,
      more accessible developer mode, sideload app”
      we already have it – its android. why do we need the MS crap, who will readily shaft their customers ? at least google services are backward compatible all the way down to GB, and you can easily get the latest gmail and associated google / core apps. unlike MS which has a shitload of restrictions

  • madanlmg

    Our office bought some new Windows 8 pre-installed HP PCs recently. When I tried intalling Ubuntu Linux as a dual boot OS alternative, it was blocked because Windows bootloader had blocked the Ubuntu Installation for “Security” reasons…
    Now why the hell would they allow such a shit OS like WP8 to be installed on an android phone???
    That’s extremely double standard for me. Never will I buy such a stupid phone.

  • Juan Carlos

    I’m guesing MS is doing that because they want to give the users the oportunity of choose freely… So I’m guesing they will give the option of Androind in the Nokia – Lumia Phones… – Sarcams off-