Windows Phone 8

There are arguably only two mobile operating systems that really matter these days as far as market-share is concerned. As you probably guessed, we are talking about Android and iOS. Sure, there are other platforms like Blackberry and Windows Phone, but neither of these operating systems come close to the popularity of iOS and Android. Steve Ballmer claims this will all change with the recent release of Windows Phone 8.

According to Microsoft’s CEO, Windows Phone 8 might be small now but things are going to shift quickly. Here are Ballmer’s exact words:

With the work we have done with Nokia (NYSE:NOK), HTC, Samsung and others … there is now an opportunity to create really a strong third participant in the smartphone market.

We’re still relatively small … I expect the volumes on Windows Phone to really ramp quickly.

It’s not really surprising to see a CEO of a company defending its own product, but is there any truth to what he says? While Windows Phone 8 has probably generated more excitement so far than Windows Phone 7 ever did, it is too early to really say for sure. With the Redmond-based company spending billions on marketing for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, it isn’t surprising to see some hype for these products, but that doesn’t necessarily tell us what will happen in the long-term.

Will Windows Phone 8 jump ahead of Android or iOS? It is more than doubtful. That being said, Microsoft’s latest efforts could finally solidify Microsoft as a third-place contender in the mobile wars, especially if they end up releasing a Microsoft Surface phone as rumors suggest.

What do you think of Microsoft’s latest efforts? Are you curious about Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 or are you more than happy to keep rocking Android?

Andrew Grush
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  • WP8….

  • Frank

    Virgin mobile need WP8

  • Daniel Guenter

    As long as I need to pay for a developer account to deploy code to my own phone I will not buy one.

    • arde

      yep, same here.
      I create my OWN app and deploy it to my OWN phone.. why should I require MS permission ?

      • That could be true for slugish or casual developers, but not so true for resistente developers, Microsoft gives us developers free accounts, even free software if you want , just participate in thousands of events world wide with support and free formations from professionals that are not working for free as they are receiving Money from Microsoft!All students with Microsoft Dream Spark have access to free accounts and there are billions of them ! Cheers

        • xyz

          Billions? You do realize that a billion is 10^9 and the actual world population isn’t that high to have so many devs

      • Jah

        you don’t need to upload your app to the marketplace, you can deploy your apps directly to your windows phone running windows phone 8.

  • Whatever this guy says always turns out to be the complete opposite.. let’s see if things this time round will be different..

  • Rob

    I was really considering picking up the 920 until I found it to be an ATT exclusive. That was a boneheaded move. Everyone neglects T-Mobile since it’s not very large but Android has a virtual monopoly on the brand. Everyone that had an upgrade in the past 4 months got an S3, everyone that is up for an upgrade is going to get the Note or new Nexus. Everyone that wants something a little different is SOL unless they want to settle on a mid level device. MS could have stolen away a pretty sizable number of those but then they did this? The WP8 desperately needs market share and I don’t see them doing anything to help alleviate that problem.

    • Matt

      couldnt have said it better myself

  • Tay

    although i like Windows 8 for PC windows phone 8 is just incredibly bad. You would guess Microsoft would have learnt their lesson by now after failing for so long now..!

  • mgb

    Steve Ballmer probably believes Santa Claus is a real person as well.

  • Kindroid

    Nothing new enough here to move me from Android. The home screen is both monotonous and confusing at the same time. To much vertical scrolling. The fixed set of tile sizes results in inefficient use of display space. Two years ago…when I was new to Android…WP7 was a contender…..Android OS has advanced to much for WP8 to meet my expectations now.

  • Zebelious

    I’m an Android user but not an Android fan. However, I disagree with Microsoft. The only way WP8 can gain significant market share is when Android shortcomings become intolerable.

    • andri

      or when they release Halo game exclusively for WP8

  • Peterson Silva

    The way I see it these days I stopped caring too much about what analysts and tech blogs say about trends and “people will like this”, etc. I see way too much Android bashing and a lot of WP8 excitement. When I talk to people, I hardly ever meet anyone slightly interested in WP8, while Android is ubiquitous, even though the guys with low-end phones don’t defend the platform with their lives or anything. That could be just Brazil, though.

  • leoingle

    Wow, really?? Give me some of whatever Ballmer is on.