Windows Phone 8 Apollo sneak peak coming on June 20, release date not available yet

by: Chris SmithJune 6, 2012
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One of the main Android rivals out there, in addition to iOS, is Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, although the Redmond-based company has had little success in gaining significant market share in the smartphone business so far.

Nevertheless, Microsoft has been relentless on its Windows Phone effort and kept improving the platform, adding more apps to its app store and signing more partnerships with handset makers, the most famous being the Nokia deal. Even so, Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 7.5 handsets, despite offering some interesting features, have failed to conquer the heart and minds of buyers.

Engadget now reports that the company will offer us a “sneak peak” of the upcoming Windows Phone 8 operating system, also known as Apollo in the mobile world, during a special media event scheduled for June 20. However, a release date is not yet available for the new mobile OS, and a DigiTimes report suggests Microsoft is more interested in promoting Windows 8 which is due this fall, alongside with Windows 8 tablets.

Windows 8 is a major desktop refresh for the company’s top-selling product. In addition to “usual” desktop features, the new OS comes with a brand new user interface specifically crafted for future tablet use. This UI relies on the same Metro design that’s found on Windows Phone handsets, and Microsoft has high hopes for this mobile face of Windows 8, as it will finally give it a chance to enter the tablet business that’s been so far dominated by Apple’s iPad.

According to DigiTimes, once Windows 8 tablet sales take off, Windows Phone 8 handsets would become a lot more popular with manufacturers, vendors, and most importantly, with the crowds. Care to disagree? Shout at us below!

  • P. Griffen

    Exciting times. I want an android phone and a windows 8 tablet.

    And I want both of them to smash Apple back to 11% douchebag marketshare.

    • lenin lukose

      Dont worry .. window phone 8 and tablets will kill both iphone and android.. its almost proved that with nokia lumia 900.. that was 7.5 ..which is almost atleast one year old. Windows Phone 8 is tightly integrated to windows 8 and xbox.. i need not explain why it will be a blockbuster.

  • JayZed

    I love Android and I even have a business helping people get all set up on their new Android phone. Even so, I have to admit, I will jump ship if Microsoft can ever get their act together. I expect that the tight integration will allow the tabfone design to come alive with Outlook and all other Wiindows apps running.

    Another important point is that I have started to see how Google loves Apple and hates Microsoft. Well guess what? I hate Apple and Google is not doing enough to assist me in that quest. I guarantee that if MS takes off in phones, they will wipe Google off the marketshare map. That’s simple because they will never change the minds of most idealogue iOS users. But hundreds of millions will leave Android just like me. Google seems content to let all their employees use Mac laptops and iPads, so what’s the rush to develop solutions there? And I think they never expected to see Android take off like it has, and now they have to almost like apologize to Apple. The IRONY! Jobs said he hated Android and that he would spend every dime of Apple’s billions to destroy it. He said he would go thermonuclear on Android. And Page, et al, just smile and say, can’t we all just get along?

    So Google has not enough desktop solutions for me to feel like they are trying to fight Apple enough for my satisfaction. No desktop music app (they want me to use iTunes); no decent way for me to do desktop mail (they want me to use Mac Mail); no decent desktop contact manager (use Contacts on your Mac); and the list goes on. They throw money at Google docs to try to wean me off of Office (which I don’t want to do since it is the best available) instead of waging war against Apple…who just happens to be trying to destroy them!

    If I ever meet Page, I want to ask him if he is also in a war against Apple, like I am. If he says no, then that is they end. If he loves my techno enemy, then he is also my techno enemy.

  • droidtomtom

    I too am hopeful for the holy grail of technology which is flat coherence/convergence between: console – TV – mobile – tablet – Desktop. I just worry about if they will shoot themselves in the foot by locking things down. Like can only run signed software.