Winamp for Android arrives, a teenager again.

October 22, 2010
    Winamp for Android

    Winamp for Android

    Winamp was the music player of choice among anyone I knew who had a computer and liked it. Back in late 90s, if you used Windows Media Player (if it was even called that in those days) you were computer simple, and if you used Winamp, you were computer savy. Simple as that. Sure, for those that didn’t know what an MP3 was or that you could use your PC to listen to music, then you probably still don’t, or you’re too young to remember.

    The iconic music player Winamp is now available for Android, and I have to say I’m very impressed at how smoothly it works, how quickly you can jump around from artist, to album and back to track. Creating playlists is a doddle and the whole thing runs rather snappy on Froyo 2.2. After nearly 15 years of UI experience and exposure to the matter, you would hope they can pull of a decent product. The whole experience is only available to those who use Android 2.1 or above, but that’s a big percentage of the market these days. The only health warning associated with this application is that it is still in Beta stages, so beware (although for me its release quality, for sure). Barcode for the product is available after the jump.

    Winamp Barcode

    Winamp Barcode

    [Source: Winamp Blog Via: Engadget]


    • Digi P

      Mufin have just recently announced a f free Android cloud music service. that can stream over 250 of your tracks right to your handset.