Win a Play-Fi speaker, courtesy of Android Authority and Phorus!

January 5, 2013
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    With our review of the Phorus Play-Fi finally up, Android Authority is excited to bring you the opportunity to win one of three Play-Fi speakers in our latest giveaway, courtesy of Phorus!

    To enter, simply comment on this post, and three lucky winners will be chosen at random!

    The contest ends at the stroke of midnight on Monday, so best of luck, and get commenting!

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    • Dave McDaniel

      Now that would be really nice! Especially if it’s a global giveaway lol

    • hudsonrio

      I hope I win!

    • Ian Grey

      They look quite expensive but the review is positive. I’m not certain if I’d fork out that much to buy one but I’d be delighted to be one of the lucky three!

    • Michael Muyunda


    • Anthony Teasdale

      Reading the review makes me want one!

      • Joshua Muñoz

        You have won! Please email your contact information and mailing address to!


    • Daimler

      I want one! Would be a nice gift for my bro! :-)

    • Igor Rédler

      ooo, super! i home i will win them :)

    • Arggers

      Let’s hope it’s a global giveaway – it makes a very welcome change to see a peripheral that’s not fruit-oriented :)

    • Alex

      androidauthority you guys rock with all these givaways!!!!!!!!!!

    • mayur tonape

      I love it.

    • doubleksquared

      Would love to win one

    • Jeff Langer II

      This would go great with my wifes new Nexus.

    • Ashazly Aziz

      would love to be one

    • Joshua Wise

      Hope I get lucky:) Good luck everyone!

    • Mekki

      Nice speaker, would be nice to have it :)

    • Nicandro Filho

      It’s an awesome wireless speaker! This Giveaway is international too??

    • John Hamernick-Ramseier

      I’d like to have one it, it be nice to have nice speakers for my devices

    • ThinkingBrian

      That play-fi speaker along with my GNex on top charging would be a perfect replacement for my aging clock radio on my night stand. I could play videos, listen to music and relax. Cool giveaway.

    • Derek Ross

      I played with these at the Big Android BBQ this year. They are awesome.

    • Ndriqim Pllana

      I wanna WIN ITTT :)

    • Mark Sussman

      Speakers please

    • Josué Michel Fermín

      can I has teh free speaker, fellow comrade? :3

    • Ndriqim Pllana

      I wanna WIN THISS !!

    • Jojoc

      aa you’re awesome guys. :)

    • Ndriqim Pllana

      I wanna WIN ITT :)

    • Marc Katzenmaier

      If it is a global contest in would sure like to win one of three……

    • Kyle Gustafson

      Yes please!

    • vasek

      android authority is the best from android in one place and a lot of giveaways

    • Vik Brin

      it’s cool and Merry Christmas!

    • Dave Rich

      i would definitely have to buy a tablet if i won this.

    • icarus130

      Would definitely like to get my hands on this

    • Ashwin Patel

      another giveaway? android authority is the best …hope i win this one

    • NIATI

      Nice speaker, would be nice to have it :)

    • Siddharth Bhatt

      Android Authority !!!!!! oh man ! i have no words for you people….
      you r just great !!! the articles that i receive through mail , r kind of “hand-picked” …. i just really like AA !

    • Elliot Clements

      looks awesome

    • Csaba Müller

      Vao another opportunity to win. I hope this time i’ll be more lucky

    • Mikko Tervahauta

      Wow you giveaway quite a lot of stuff! :)

    • KevinP

      Absolutely beautiful!

    • safwan

      want to win

    • Janek Laansalu

      nice speakers, I must say:)

    • DrCarpy

      Good luck everyone….now I wanna win!

    • De’Than

      To win or to lose

    • Ugo Marceau

      This would look awesome with my girlfriends GNote sitting on it !

    • khaleefa AL Khateeb

      Can please have this!!

    • Khes

      Gotta have it

    • Terrance Meyers

      Looks great – Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Balvinder Makkar

      i will not win as usual..:P
      but good luck to others

    • ttcv

      Would like to try these out.

    • Faiz

      I’ll try.

    • Ed Baker

      Come on daddy needs a new phorus speakers system!……

    • Giorgi Gogashvili

      fingers crossed

    • Jeremie Laviolette

      Looks like this could be a fun new toy

    • Aris K

      Lucky me ;)

    • Westley Purcell

      Cool! Fingers crossed then!

    • vjs

      Wifi audio is the best way

    • Mikey510

      Awesome Sauce, this would help a brotha and a family out.

    • Zachary Bergeron

      i would like to win :D

    • Ryan Revels

      I want a speaker!

    • Thomas Schuster

      I want 1

    • Wolf Bogacz

      Happy New Year to you. And a new set of speakers would make it a happy year for me.

    • Mukund Kinger

      looks superb.. i want!

    • Winged Nazgul

      Pick me! Pick me!

    • Chris

      Let the Giveaway Begin!!! Thanks again Android Authority this is my daily One Stop shop for all of my Android related news…….

    • Lawrence ellul

      need one for my nexus 7

    • Witold Zarachowicz

      Me me me

    • Fernando Prieto

      I’ll take one.

    • Brandon Wood

      Definitely would love this! :)

    • Kat Heck

      I’ve been looking for a new speaker for my new Galaxy S3! =)

    • BlaineD

      Pick me

    • Steve Bailey

      time to challenge my other halfs iphone docking

    • Hin Mak

      Good luck to me ^6

    • JI


    • Piyush

      thank you for the love.

    • Ryan Viescas

      yes please :)

    • Paul lee

      Thanks for doing this guys! Hope I win! But best of luck to everyone else!

    • Rami K

      I hope I win! Rami K.

    • Timothy Bish

      I wants me one.

    • Jorge Rubio Casanueva

      I would definately love to win one of them!

    • Memoir

      Hope i can win this contest~

    • hrishi

      Let’s hope I win

    • Yanis Sauvé

      Would be sweet

      Good luck everyone

    • Rahul Gandhi

      now thats something amazing.. great giveaways by android authority.. (y)


      I want to be one of the 3 so I can start blasting musics across the room:)

    • Rasmus Norup Nielsen

      need it

    • zaraki921

      hope i win!

    • Rodolfo Perez

      Android authoritaay

    • Kyle

      I like how the speaker has bluetooth and wifi functionality.

    • peter steffek

      I’ve been wanting a speaker for my phone for a while, this is awesome

    • Adam Goldberg

      I would enjoy this Prize. I really really would.

    • Shaun Dutchy Davis

      lalalala :)

    • Lancelot

      i never one anything hopefully i can win this, HOPEFULLY

    • Jose Ramirez

      Thank you for the opportunity of winning what it seems to be an awesome device to play music and annoy my wife with… :0)

    • Steven Horvath

      You can have two or more Play-Fi’s and sync them up to both play music?!? If i win one, I’m buying another!

    • Marcus Samual Winchester

      It would be a great opportunity to win this speaker system

    • Max

      Androidauthority rocks! You guys always have these awesome giveaways!

    • Mark DeSarno

      I want

    • Braydon Anthony Hord

      Me likey!

    • Robby Roberts

      This would make a great, late Birthday present for me! :)

    • WCinTN

      NIce! Went to site to look a one.

    • Abdulrahman Qalandari

      me me plz :)

    • Mattias fält

      waant it =D

    • Freddy Skaff

      Android Authority just can’t stop giving us new stuff!!! I won’t probably win but there’s always a chance and i really liked the speakers. All I can say for now is thank you for being so generous

    • P’urhépecha Martinez


    • Jacob Boswell

      Hook me up bro! :) thanks! Jacob

    • Bruce B.

      It would be the 1st thing i ever won.

    • inarus

      I would love to win one! :)

    • zipzip03

      Gotta have it

    • fieldsofbutter


    • kostas

      can i have it?

    • Dimitri

      Wow very nice android speaker, this would be a beautiful addition to my Galaxy s3! hope to win it!

    • Josip Turkalj

      no luck anyway…

    • Vinnie

      Would love to win one of these! Here’s hoping, lol…

    • Vyrlokar

      They look awesome. The only thing one could ask on them is that used the pogo pins on my nexus 7, but I fear that only the official dock (if that mythic beast ever comes) will use them. I would really want one, though I would need to use it via bluetooth only, as I don’t keep my music on my tiny 8 GB Nexus 7…

    • Stefannie Tan

      Pick me:)

    • Alex Esparza-Sandy

      Hopefully I win, but we’ll have to see. :-)

    • Jorge Carmona

      Gotz to haz thez, son!

    • Michael Whitehouse

      yeah i want one

    • warreng73

      Been looking for a speaker for some time so would love to win!

    • Ivan Delev

      actually need it!!!!!!

    • Tim Wallace

      Send that to my place of residence please. TIA

    • erikiksaz

      Count me in!

    • amatzya ran

      Im getting my nexus 4 on thursday and this is my first android phone! it would be sick to have new speakers with it! I WANT IT!!

    • Christian Collet

      This would be useful next to the computer using my N4 and Google Music.

    • Rodrigo Tsukamoto

      I want and live in the best country of the world! Brazil

    • Nate Iams

      I declare that I win!

    • AG


    • Dilson Silva

      Gimme gimme…..

    • Strobe

      This would be great if they add wireless charging for phones to the product. I would appreciate less desk clutter.

    • Undres Nonees

      I want one

    • Patrick Langford

      Would be a great addition to my “zombie S3″ when it is returned from the Dead by the Samsung Service Centre ;)

    • Nakul Matta

      would love to win one

    • Lnn

      I want one

    • Oon Ee Ng

      Looks like an awesome device though probably won’t be able to charge my tab =(

    • Amine Pirlo

      i want it

    • Cole Chamberlin

      Neato! I sure would love to win me one of dem fancy shmancy thingy-ma bobbers!

    • Nuno

      Oh, pick me! Pick me!

    • deepankarchoudhery

      I know i’m not gonna get it…

    • Kevin Pedersen

      I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. It’s great of you guys to give stuff like this away.

    • John G


    • boringman


    • w5t1h7

      pretty please? :)

    • gody

      Want one!

    • JBobea

      Good luck everyone!!!

    • Bevo

      It would be cool to win!

    • Josh Karwoski

      Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Pierre Jouannetaud

      That’s kind of you. Been rss you for a while now

    • terminator

      Great job AndroidAuthority. Keep it up.
      (I prolly won’t get picked…. bummer)

    • Mike Burns

      want to win one

    • Arvin


    • Grayson Terry

      wait, where am I?

    • Goutham Kumaran

      cool gadget, wish i have one!!!!

    • Smiley Smith

      Love the site. Would love to win this. Good luck to all.

    • Hemant Pokharel

      Im in love wid Dis PHORUS

    • Wes Reid

      Good site, good contests! Here’s hoping.

    • androidaw

      Pick me!

    • Alexander Genvarev

      I want to win!

    • Rachel Rebollido Canales

      i want one :)

    • Tony Salerno

      I like, no cords, cool

    • Adrian

      One for Australia please

    • Jordan Freeman

      This is my entry.

    • Fred Chiang

      Pick me please!

    • Nishanta

      Great product. Please share. :)

    • └Timothy┐

      Must have someday.

    • Ann Lowe

      Yes please pick me

    • Anup Verma

      Want it !

    • moshe vgel

      sounds interesting!!!!

    • Mat Ward

      I can’t think of a comment so I won’t win, darn it.

    • Ak

      Looking forward


      I wanna some

    • Pegasus195

      I need this so i can listen my music via a speaker, because recently i hear music with my earphones. also so i can win a giveaway!!!

    • Husain Soni

      I hope i win it. …:) ;)… When will they announce??

    • Evan

      Would love to score one of these babies!

    • Arturo Nava

      I’m feeling lucky, I want it!!

    • Jpm7714

      I could use one of these

    • Adrian P.

      Fingers crossed

    • Damian Paredes

      Yeah I want it

    • aCe manayan

      I’ve seen the review and i want it badly must replace my old speakers now :D

    • Siggy

      This seems interesting.

    • Abhi-nay

      Is this only for US or open to all?

    • Josue Gomez

      i love to have one of this. pleaseeeeeee….

    • Sam Monty

      Loving the Design..

    • Kirk Winterrowd

      This would go great with my Nexus 7.

    • Shu Yi Ng

      Really excited to possibly get the Phorus Play-Fi!

    • ryanmmoore

      why ‘phor’us if it’s only ‘phor’oneofus?

    • Tadas

      wish me luck

    • Mikko Tolmunen


    • Ando Saina

      Just what I was searching for!

    • AndroidErik

      Why not :-)

    • Koh Chien Aun

      Who said nothing is free anymore?

    • daniel

      This would be cool

    • Torsten Georg

      IT looks interesting. I live to habe one.

    • Albertas Vinclavas

      I want it :/

    • Mark Nemeth

      cool. :)

    • Sharif Kazi

      something that sounds good :)

    • Derek

      Android Authority is my best place for the latest Android news and products

    • Siphiwe

      I gotta have one one these and be the envy of my friends! :)

    • Andi Prabowo

      Wish me a good luck!

    • Abbie Applestein

      Looks interesting

    • patanjali vatnal

      Love you play-fi :-)

    • Rachelle

      It would be nice to win a speaker .

    • pradctgign

      I wish i can win this :D

    • Michaël Paap

      I would love to win this speaker.

    • Nissi Edward

      I dont really want this… But still…

    • orville porter

      this would be great company for my N7. good luck everyone.

    • Kenborg

      Sure would like to win this!

    • DENNY GL

      Play-Fi speakers are good man

    • lalala

      gimme 1!

    • ryan webster

      Can i get something finally

    • Taher Muhammedali

      Would love myself a Phorus Play-fi speaker. Make it happen AA please !

    • Mark Trott

      I want one Please

    • Stephen Lester

      Droid power

    • 1SandBox1

      Who wouldn’t want a wireless speaker? I hope I get one!

    • Julius Atilano Gallego

      nice….i wil introduce this to my colleagues,,,,…must have one….

    • RT

      It would be fun to try to use it. Let’s see who will get it

    • Ariel Mallorca Forwards

      need to own one…

    • Luke Pellegrini

      I love Play-Fi.

    • Victor

      I never win anything. :-(

    • lech

      Lets hope I’ll win this time…

    • Jonathan Unicorn


    • Jesús G. Pinto González

      Nuno has a pretty particular face… huh?
      Well, I, as most readers, am a big Android enthusiast, in counterpart as I think of the “fruity alternative”, which is why I think Phorus is taking a huge leap on the market, getting out there an Android supported audio station. Well done Phorus!

    • Ana Hernandez

      I would love to have Play-Fi Speakers

    • Doug R

      I love these Giveaways even though i never win them. Would be nice to have such a nice lovely looking speaker.

    • Keemie Gk Reese

      You can’t have it, its mines!!!

    • DAngelo8

      All in.

    • Bruce Gavin Ward

      you mean that this Phorus speaker is absolutely 4 us; well i have news, it’ 4 ME!

    • Lucas Ayala

      Thanks for the contest.

    • George Okiki Famutimi

      Good luck to everyone!

    • jack gondela

      I. Never won anything in my life.. Time to change my luck.

    • Brandon Cryderman

      I want to win :)

    • floorman63

      This is a thing of beauty,Please let me win!!

    • The Dude Abides

      Would love to win it.

    • RyanIbarra

      I don’t know who you are. If you are looking for a comment, I can tell you I don’t have money to buy the speaker. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you pick me now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you…..well I probably won’t do the last part, I’ll just be really bummed out.

      • aCe manayan

        Sounds like a Line from Taken or Taken 2 – your 2nd paragraph xD

    • Ravi.S

      Here is my entry

    • Joel Dinis

      Makes sense. ;)

    • Caffeinated Droid

      Read the review and put it in my must have products notebook. Excellent contest.

    • Sundus Farrukh

      Wow, this is amazing. Can i win?

    • Richard Friedman

      Looks great

    • Ken Gibbons

      My birthday is coming up. This would be a great present to me.

    • dylan84

      Would love one of these!

    • Ben

      Why not?

    • Roland Louise Cruz

      This would be the best accessory my Galaxy note 2 would be having in its lifetime. And yes, I’d be having this phone for a very long time!

    • Joe Imbus


    • kinqrex

      want ._.

    • Munchic Pham

      I am a big fan of Android Authority, I check this site every 10 secs. I have already won Nexus 10, so let someone else win this speaker, please, don’t give me this speaker, or one of your fans will assassinate me. Please, if you don’t want to hurt me, don’t give me this speakers. Good luck everyone !!!

    • zipzip03

      Go Blue!!!

    • ptrcksilva

      Les go

    • JOAM

      ok! i want one please! :)

    • Alex Keddy

      There are so few cheap docks for android, I would love this!

    • Isaac Howard

      One of these days I am going to win one of these crazy contest and then I will be happy

    • Jessy Conroy

      Me want please :)

    • melan26

      This is portable enough for my friends to use when they come over for bbq.

    • CoolHand58

      Pick me, pick me!

    • Edward Calvert

      I’ve been looking for a good speaker for my tablet… I almost bought a cheep Chinese one the other day!! (I’d be glad I didn’t if I win this one)

    • P A D

      What a gret giveaway.

    • JC King

      Fiddle dee dee, commenting on le speakers.

    • James Childress

      Put my name in the hat please!

    • Landon King

      That would be pretty awesome.

    • Ariel Omar Asjana Ricardo

      waooo amazing gret giveaway. Good luck! everybody.. and Good luck! for me too :)

    • Craig Platt

      Yes Please

    • Pretush

      i’m always in for a gibe away. tried several giveaway in AA , hope to win this time

    • Bashar Midani

      Free stuff’s always cool

    • Urai Guerreiro

      Grand. one of those is coming to brazil. I’m sure about that. thanks

    • Edgar Posada

      So here is my comment, cool.

    • Alfredo Guerovich Arce

      I will use it every day

    • Kevin

      Would love it!

    • John Chai

      i wanna win it :D

    • Muhammad Asyraf

      Well, can’t hurt to try. So here’s my comment.

    • honchien

      Thanks in advance!

    • Briy Quils

      i win plz……………… booming…

    • Jia Yaik

      This is a great contest, here’s hoping I win!

    • Jesus Alberto Gomez Luis

      I’m an android

    • Eddie Villamor

      Wanted one when AA first posted about it. Fingers crossed…

    • Chris Bruce

      I woulsd love to win this, Thanks

    • Paul Steimel

      Random comment.

    • RB Shah

      is it open internationally? oh yeh, then am in.:)

      • Tubby Lewis

        Hopefully it is open to the world

    • Timothy Roberts

      Please and thank you!

    • Loo Chi Meng

      Nice replacement for my broken hi-fi!

    • AL BELEN

      need one

    • Chris Belknap

      looks like a awsome speaker!

    • Neil Coutinho

      Finally a lovely sound dock which matches up to all the iOS device docks out there .My roommate loves to show off his iPhone dock ,Well so can I (That is if I win )

    • Brookz

      Would love to win one, thanks!

    • RonPodovich

      ill take it

    • Lily Huang

      choose me at random

    • Josh

      Product looks amazing. Hopefully I will win!

    • Ashint Garg

      yeah it’s me!

    • Leqso

      Comment :))

    • CaseyJerk

      Cool! This looks awesome. I like how it produces 360 degree sound.

    • Rex Mclemore

      Very cool!

    • mrshiat

      awesome.. love contests

    • Mr N™


    • David West

      Please pick me!

    • Majdy Shaltaf

      awesome send me one

    • Natalie E.

      Yes please, thank you!

    • Isabela Guerreiro

      Geez !!! it matches with my nexus

    • Arpit Sharma

      I have all my music stored locally. This will be a great speaker for me. Also, this will be my first wireless speaker experience.

    • Erica

      Damn I was just looking for one of these at the store after I read the review here but then I realized they’re not sold at Walmart lol

    • Draven

      Thank you for the opportunies Android Authority!

    • Phil

      Give me the awesome opportunity to use these speakers, the specs look amazing and I am by far s huge tech junkie I buy use or not just to say I have a gadget and I never get rid of any hoarder a little but come on it’s technology at it’s greatest! (My wife doesn’t understand my urge to have every new gadget tgat comes out, as well as the $$ i’ve spent while aquiring these product’s) I love music of all type’s and on a normal basis listen to music for 2-3hours daily x7 days/week, wireless is a perfect option for me and as I just bought my first Android phone GS3 i’d love to see what these sound like partenered to it. I’m a Canadian and we always get screwed out of contests or products due to certain rules/regulations, give us well me ad a representitive :) a break this one contest either way it will be mine! Lol

    • MasterMuffin

      Not open anymore?

    • SaloumS

      Looks really really really nice :O Would love to get myself a speaker like that but sadly got no cash :( college student, no cash, no job (LOLOLOL no one wants me) would love some love from Android Authority :P

    • Giancarlo Sagastume

      I want

    • Erusha Tiranagama

      show some love to a college student on his birthday? My S3 yearns for a nice speaker

    • Bree

      I wanna win :(

    • Baghs Burnhous

      I’ll comment & see what happens

    • kdpfinnz

      Just left my abusive husband, and have nothing! He took it all. I now have dishes at least.

    • Sabah Imam

      I will be happy if i win

    • Dave Carlson

      Will go great with my new galaxy tab!

    • Tony Cervantes

      New stuff please

    • Kevin

      Got to be betters odds than the lottery surely??

    • Usama Ahmad

      These speakers look like they’d be a pretty sweet way to enjoy music while studying.

    • Glenn Owens

      What the heck…I’m in :)

    • Alan Tallering

      Great speaker, I want one.

    • Sahil Jain


    • Kalpesh Mulchandanii

      ye ye ye

    • Todd Nelson


    • bomb5hock

      I can haz speaker!?





      it bloody hell didnt show it all

    • Jrome Espinosa

      it seems that if I’m given a chance to win that play- fi speaker will i can say it is my biggest gift that I will receive this 2013….so pick me as your winner because it can help me a lot. thank you!!! more power ..:)

    • Mindaugas Vaitiekunas

      I want it!

    • rserretti

      Esse speaker vai ficar espetacular no meu home theater…

    • Yazeed.P

      hope that I will win this one.

    • Chris Clouse

      hopefully its my lucky day!

    • Mark SchochMarkS

      I just made the leap, today, from IOS to Android. I can’t think of a better way for all of us to celebrate me snapping out of my iphone comma then for you to give me a Play-Fi speaker to go along with my Galaxy 3s. Especially now, when I lost all the money I poured into iphone accessories. What a kind gesture. Thank you for my Play-Fi speaker. I will tell everyone i know to tell everyone they know about your generosity.

    • Balvinder Makkar

      someone forget to giveaway..:P

    • Luke Bradshaw


    • Ann Lyfe

      the Play-Fi looks awesome!

    • Christopher Rudigar Scotty Har

      Oh, You touch my tralala!!!!

    • Chris Franck

      Eh? Having trouble hearing without my Play-fi

    • Jobless man

      Please choose me! I am really desperate for that speaker.

    • jeremy sippel

      Good review

    • Alan

      Great giveaway, is it over?

    • Sharif Kazi

      need it so bad can’t hear a think ;)

    • Hawk

      I like that!

    • Rayoque

      I would love one of those speakers!

    • Madan Ktg


    • bass cleff

      searched for android news and info your site came up. hope to win thx.

    • jpdaedalus

      This would be cool to win!

    • Jose Bravo

      Choose me, my Tablet doesn’t make sound any more! I need this!!!

    • Guest

      Gotta be in it to win it, so here goes hoping!

    • SerendipityHopefuly

      I hope to use this to fill my home with music and information. Hoping you choose my entry. Thank you

    • Sacha Obado

      This is a great giveaway.. hope i get to win one of these speakers..

    • Caroline

      looks awesome!!

    • Euan Tan

      totally want it! Nexus 7 speakers arent really that good.

    • Computerking

      Is this contest over? I don’t see a winner announcement…