WiFi Display to Make Your Life Easier in 2012

by: LucianJanuary 23, 2012
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Later this year, there will be a new industry standard called WiFi Display, that will start appearing in both mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, but also smart TV’s. Both TI and Qualcomm are pushing for this standard in 2012 and we should expect at least a few devices to have it by the end of the year.

Samsung and Nvidia haven’t announced anything related to this, but Samsung is one of the biggest TV manufacturers, and they are good at pushing new standards, so I’m sure they will have this, too, most likely starting with the Galaxy S3. Nvidia might not have the support for the WiFi Display in Tegra 3, but they surely have it in Tegra 3+ or Tegra 4.

I believe WiFi Display technology will be a very popular and useful technology going forward. Ever since I saw what you could do with HDMI mirroring, the first thing I thought was that it was great that you can send stuff from your phone to your TV, but my second thought was how cumbersome it must be to connect a HDMI cable to the phone and the TV and operate it like that. Doing it wirelessly should be a whole lot easier.

The possibilities are limitless. Before Google TV was demoed, I was thinking how you could use your phone to directly interact with the interface of the TV on your phone, perhaps through an app. So instead of using a real full QWERTY keyboard to navigate the menu, or a remote, which would feel more like using a tracker on a touchscreen phone, why not just press on the TV menu from your phone, and have it change on the TV? Doing that would be much easier with a wireless technology that can seamlessly connect to your TV, and would not use a whole lot of power either, so it doesn’t kill your phone’s battery too fast.

The WiFi Display technology could be used for transferring files between phones, tablets and laptops, too, all without even needing a hotspot. WiFi Display has the WiFi Direct technology as its core, which has already been implemented in some Samsung phones, especially. So I would expect this to arrive very soon:

  • Guest

    Yes, but the lag is going to suck for games…

  • Anonymous

    It IS cumbersome. I have a much easier way to enjoy my TV across both interfaces, phone and TV screen. I recently signed up for TV everywhere with DISH, and can now use my Smartphone to take ALL my live channels, AND my DVR with me on the go. I don’t have to worry about transmitting content from my phone to my TV, I do it the other way around. DISH gives me a fantastic lineup, and since I have Sling Technology and the free DISH Remote Access app, I now have complete control of my TV system on my phone, anywhere I go that is 3G or WiFi capable. DISH is the only provider to offer this, and while it may seem a bit extravagant, just think how nice it will be to be able to set or watch DVR recordings while on the subway home. Or, if you can’t make it home in time for the game, catch the live action anywhere! I found about this from my boss at DISH, and feel this is a much easier way to enjoy TV on your phone. And you don’t have to worry about sending that content to your TV, as it is already there!

    • WifiMe

      You have no clue what the Wi-Fi Display is about :)

      • Raj Verma 89

        Please let me know the difference between WIFI display and DLNA technology raj.verma.89@gmail.com

        • Peterpalli82

          WiFi display does mirroring where the smart phone display gets encoded and sent to TV in H.264 (MPEG-2 Transport ) so it can be decoded by TVs. DLNA sends compressed bit stream so it can be any format.. WiFi display only support H.264 video and PCM/AAC/AC3 for audio. That’s it..

    • Guest

      It sounds like a sale pitch from DISH itself ;-).

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