Why Would You Buy a Motorola Xoom?

by: Darcy LaCouveeFebruary 10, 2011
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We’ve been closely following the best forthcoming tablets for 2011, but none have really excited us the same way the Motorola Xoom has. The Xoom has quickly risen to the top of the Android tablet food chain, and it’s looking like the one to beat in 2011. We believe the Xoom will be a runaway success in 2011. We’ve already gone onto say that the Motorola Xoom is a big deal. Below, you will find our top reasons why.

We’ve gone on to list the reason why the Motorola Xoom will likely be a success:

  • A slick, modern user interface
  • The Xoom is the first Android Tablet to get Honeycomb, and it looks amazing. Check out our full review of Honeycomb here.
  • The 1200×800 resolution screen will really make videos, text, images and web browsing ‘pop’
  • Easy, intuitive tabbed browsing
  • Flash support with hardware acceleration
  • Dual core, higher display resolution than competitors
  • Beautiful design: no hardware buttons
  • A wide range of stock apps designed especially for tablets: pictures, email, maps, contacts, documents, YouTube, Video Chat
  • Convenience: HDMI output, SD card, USB Slot

It’s the first Honeycomb tablet

Android fans have been eagerly awaiting a tablet with Android 3.0 Honeycomb, and this plays heavily into the Xoom’s favor. Devices on Android 2.3 will feel obsolete in comparison.

It’s designed with the future in mind

The Xoom is upgradeable to 4G and has a dual-core processor and a 10.1″ screen with 1200×800 resolution. If tablets are the future of computing, then Motorola has designed a device that can meet tomorrow’s mobile computing needs.

The Xoom certainly is guaranteed to impress. Performance is responsive thanks to Dual Core NVidia Tegra 2 being on board. The panel is capacitive and supports multi touch, which will certainly prove useful. The Xoom also houses an accelerometer, a proximity sensor and a light sensor. If you’re looking for a multi-media device, the Xoom is going to excel in this department too, with two cameras of 2 and 5 mega pixel quality as well as superb high definition video capture.

The Motorola Xoom is one of the more exciting tablet devices to hit the market, and the excellent platform along with the great screen should ensure it holds its own against the more established brands in the Tablet space.

Does it deserve your hard earned dollars in 2011?

  • Kindroid

    Certainly if I was in the market for an iPad 3g type device, this baby would be number 1 on my list. Blasts past the current iPad on all fronts…browser, usb, hdmi, sd card, front and rear facing camera, 16 x 9, kick ass processor, 4g when available, flash . And for those who say the iPad2 is just around the corner, the pad2 upgrades will not surpass this device on hardware specs. But the most compelling thing may be Honeycomb. Honeycomb looks like its going to be a bridge between Android and Chrome OS. If somebody (Motorola hint hint) builds a key board dock for this thing that replicates laptop capabilities then I am will be at the checkout counter. I have played around with my daughter’s iPad. There is no comfortable way to do serious typing. As when creating or editing documents, or spread sheets, or even a comment like this one. When I am at home on my sofa or at a table my laptop’s clamshell case is perfect. Its stable, I can adjust the angle of the screen to deal with light and reflections. Makes it easy to balance on my lap (laptop….get it) Tablets just haven’t sold me as necessary. Replace my personal laptop then I am ready.

  • adnans

    why it will fail? $800 price point and one month of service required to unlock wifi, according to rumors and early store flyer ad scans. end of topic.

  • mike jaeger

    It will be a run away success, (after the price drops)!

  • Falken

    It has the potential to be a great tablet if the price was much lower. It’s worth pointing out a few flaws just to keep expectations under control.

    The SD card will initially be useless. To access it you’ll either have to root the device or wait until Android 3.1 implements support for more than 1 storage drive.

    Most of the apps in the Market are unsuitable for a 10″ tablet which could disappoint many people at first.

    It’s a great tablet and I eagerly want one but I think some early adopters will be disappointed so Motorola should really sell it a cheap price to make it a bargain regardless.

  • ConfusedbyLinux

    I predicted that the Xoom would fail or have really low sales.
    Disclaimer: I own a iPad but I also have several generic Android pads.
    The Xoom is a nice device and performs as well in many ways if not
    better then the iPad2 but….

    No working SD (unless you go to the developer sites and download their custom
    firmware.) Having to send to back to Motorola for a upgrade to 4g when it becomes available. Price. This is a big one. Its too close to the iPad 2 in price.
    Fewer apps. Google is getting more by the day but its too little too late for the

    Product placement. Where are they? A recent visit to Best Buy I
    needed a treasure map and a compass to find one. The iPad 2 was
    right on the isle. There is only one iPad 2. There are lots of versions of
    the 10′ pads coming. Frankly, I’d reduce the Xoom’s price. Give a rebate.
    Sell out and work on the second generation.

    Motorola needs to talk to the Android community and find out its wants
    and needs. Your device may be better in some ways then the iPad’s
    but who cares if nobody buys them.