Why Apple Should Be Afraid of Android

by: Darcy LaCouveeFebruary 2, 2011

Claiming a 25% market share globally already, there are no signs that the growth of Android is coming to an end anytime soon, market researchers from Canalys said.

Around the World

In the rest of the world, where Nokia is dominant and Apple is available more widely, Android’s 16% market share is only slightly bigger than Apple’s 14%.

Looking at the longer term, it’s easy to see that Android will overtake Apple in almost every respect. Consumers want competitively priced handsets, and access to an open app ecosystem. Android Phones offer substantially more for less. Just like you can get more bang for your buck with a PC, you can also get more phone for your money with Android. Further supporting the growth of Android around the world is the fact that there are numerous top tier manufacturers that have publicly stated their commitment to producing quality touchscreen low priced Android Phones.

As Android continues to explode worldwide, developers will have even greater incentive to introduce high quality apps for the benefit of every Android phone user.

The Research Shows

Over the past quarter, year over year, Android enjoyed a very healthy 615.1% growth. Apple only had 85.9%. This shows that the adoption of Android is accelerating worldwide over sixfold that of Apple’s best offerings. Just one of the many reasons why Apple is not seated as comfortably as it once was.

A new report created by leading research firm Canalys shows that Android OS will achieve double the growth of competitors like Apple’s iOS, BlackBerry OS, and Symbian over the year 2011. Despite what many are saying about the release of iPhone on Verizon, leading analysts are saying this will do nothing to hamper Android’s immense and staggering ascent to the top spot.

Other issues such as fragmentation (different versions of the operating system) have always been a heated topic from a development standpoint, but will do little to slow down the worldwide adoption of Android. Most recently, Android surpassed iOS in terms of overall Ad Impressions in the United States. This observation serves to further compliment the idea that Android is going to be the biggest mobile smartphone O/S in the very near future.

Canalys Principal Analyst Chris Jones had this to say about Android’s growth

The growth of Android has been phenomenal, as well the number of related devices launched with different hardware and software specifications. This has led to the market perception of it as a fragmented platform, though we believe that growth will continue as the pace of Android OS upgrades slows.

Android will grow more than twice the rate of major competitors in 2011

Android will continue to grow at more than twice the rate of its major smart phone competitors in 2011, despite concern over fragmentation and the arrival of the iPhone 4 on Verizon in the US. According to Canalys Q3 2010 estimates, the Google-backed platform already claims a 25% share of the worldwide smart phone market, with over 20 million shipments of Android-based worldwide.

The growth of Android has been phenomenal, and the number of Android devices launched with different hardware has been equally stunning.

Fragmentation will not limit Android growth

Since the launch of the original Android platform in September 2008, many versions have followed. Gingerbread (Android 2.3) will be the eighth update, with its forthcoming Honeycomb (Android 3.0) tablet-focused release set to appear in the coming months. Android’s rapid evolution has, however, required increased resources from both device vendors and application developers to support the operating system.

‘The need to differentiate has pushed Android Phone Manufacturers to become even more competitive in their hardware offerings, as evidenced by the recent announcement of crazy Dual-Core phones like the Motorola Atrix, Motorola Droid Bionic, and the LG Optimus 2X.

Apps Apps Apps!

Vendors working on Android have leveraged the open source platform to push prices down and bring smart phones to the mass market. As a result, Android shipments grew more than 1,000% through the first three quarters of 2010 over the same period in 2009.

‘With Android’s momentum expected to stay strong, the installed base of Android-based smart phones and pads will rapidly increase – good news for developers,’ said Canalys Senior Analyst, Daryl Chiam.

Hendrik Koekkoek, a data analyst at Distimo, posted on the company blog: “The Apple App Store for iPhone doubled its total [number of apps] during the past year to almost 300,000…while the total number of applications available for Google Android Market today, almost 130,000, is six times the number available one year ago.”

The report said that more developers were opting to submit apps that rely on a repeat subscription or ad-funded model rather than paid-for downloads. This means Android will continue to offer more free Apps than the Apple App Store, which is even more great news for Android Phone users worldwide.

And of Course, Apple…

Apple investors’ biggest concern right now is whether Steve Jobs will remain deeply involved with the company. Whatever happens, though, Apple still faces a long-term strategic question: Will it be content with overcharging its customers to the benefit of its stockholders? Many Iphone/Ipad lovers are quick to point out that the simplicity and ease of use that Apple products offer is worth the price premium, but will the world accept this? We highly doubt it, especially in parts of the world where the Iphone has been a dismal failure, like India and China. Both of these countries are ripe for mass smartphone adoption, and it looks like Apple is going to be in trouble there.

Other Important Things to Consider

Verizon will be selling the iPhone soon. Oh wow! Does anyone really care? Really? Smartphones with Android accounted for 34% of North American smartphone sales last year, compared with Apple’s 23%, Strategy Analytics estimates.

In the rest of the world, where Nokia is somehow still dominant, Android’s 16% market share was still slightly bigger than Apple’s 14%.

Android’s share of the smartphone market will continue to expand. Canalys projected that Android would expand at “more than twice the rate of its major” rivals this year. Of course, the allure of the iPhone brand will ensure it remains a vital part of carriers’ array of phones. That is arguably truer in Apple’s home territory of the U.S. than Europe. But there is reason to think Apple’s edge over other brands has narrowed somewhat.

A consumer survey last November found that 71% of Motorola smartphone customers were very satisfied, only six percentage points fewer than the 77% of iPhone customers, according to ChangeWave Research. HTC, an Android pioneer, had 63% satisfaction.

With Nokia BlackBerry and Symbian all struggling, Android is poised to become the world’s biggest and best smartphone platform. While Apple’s iOS is also on the iPad and iPod Touch, falling far behind Android could undercut Apple’s edge with developers of mobile applications. It has been Apple’s lead with apps—its App Store has more than 300,000 versus 140,000 for Android—that has fueled the iPhone’s popularity. If Android takes the lead in apps, its market-share advantage would only increase.


The world wants an open, competitive app ecosystem, with awesome hardware to run it on. Android offers the diversity of choice, quality hardware, and the research backs up the fact that Android is going to be the number one mobile operating system in the future. Apple is most certainly scared, but for now remains content with overcharging its blinded customers who opt for expensive convenience. The rest of the world outside of the USA is certainly savvy and price conscious enough to know that Apple’s offerings don’t add up. While we do have to hand it Apple in some respects, the time is now for Android. Let’s not forget that Android has also just surpassed every other mobile operating system out there.

More on this and other great developments involving Android to come!

Via: The Android Phone

  • midtoad

    This is clearly Android fanboy talk – and I’m saying that as an Android user and developer. Apple is likely far from afraid of Android. Even if Apple’s percentage share falls, their actual volume sold will increase – and so will their revenues and profits – since total smartphone sales are increasing.

    As for the rest of the world outside the US being not willing to pay for Apple hardware, I’ve got news for you. How often do you travel outside the US? I’m guessing never. I just spent two weeks in Brazil and everywhere I look, the business elite are using iPhones. They are far more popular than anything else. Same thing in Colombia, Bolivia, and Panama – all countries I’ve visited in the past six months.

    Apple doesn’t need to fail in order for Android to succeed. It can stand on its own merits.

    • Bill Bellows

      Not going to argue about apple being popular with the rich people. They own that market and will for the foreseable future. You should mingle with us regular folks instead of your elite circle. We are the people who control the market not you and your yuppy friends.

    • Mister Snitch

      Aside from the absolute hilarity, this post is just sad and worthless. But seriously, thanks for the laughs, and the insight into the Droid fanboy mindset.

      I always wondered why those overbearing TV ads portraying them as mindless robots failed to offend them (as they should offend any person who truly does think for himself). Yet this same type labels people who buy Apple goods as “macSheep”.

      Ah well. Irony’s just wasted on some.

    • creativename

      wealthy buisnesmen live in every country. but what about your middle – lower class people who live in places like india or south-east asia for example? some people do have budget restraints. thats where a phone like an HTC Wildfiire will come into its own. its not great for gaming, and its not very powerful. but its cheap, and there are many many times more people in the world who could only just afford one of them, than could buy an iPhone.

  • Martin Hill

    “iSuck”? Well, you really do have a chip on your shoulder don’t you.

    While the uptake of Android has indeed been impressive, you really need to keep some perspective in your enthusiasm.

    What you neglect to mention is that Apple’s iOS installed base (160 million with the vast bulk having been sold in 2010) is still far greater than Android and with sales of 33 million iOS devices last quarter, equalled the number of Android smartphones sold worldwide so Android still has a long way to go to catch up to iOS.

    Android tablets like the Dell Streak and Samsung Galaxy Tab are included in these smartphone numbers (not to mention Samsung admitted to channel stuffing with actual sales of the Galaxy Tab in fact being “quite small”).

    Android is still missing in action in the Media player market with Apple’s iPod taking 70-80% as it has for the last decade. The iPod touch just by itself sold over 10 million units last quarter which is almost a third of worldwide sales of Android devices and with 7 million iPads and 16 million iPhones, iOS still ends up neck and neck with Android in terms of new sales.

    45,000 of the apps in the Android Marketplace are spam apps reducing the actual number of apps significantly and developer income for iOS still vastly exceeds Android. Oh and there are still more free apps available for iOS with 70,000 in the iOS App Store vs 50,000 in Android Marketplace. So despite a higher proportion of free apps in the Android Marketplace, it is still a lower total number than the iOS App Store.

    For sure Android’s installed base will probably overtake iOS sometime in the future, but that day is not today. Whether larger marketshare actually means anything is of course a different topic. With Apple taking 51% of the profits in the entire cell phone market this last quarter, it is painfully obvious that Android manufacturers are not winning the profit share race and with Google not making anything on Android sales, they obviously aren’t winning here either.


  • Ben Swanson

    Since 99.4% of all Apps sold are sold on Apples App site and the entire reason for using smart phones is for the Apps Android is nowhere. The only Apps running on any Androids are ads and malware. If you stupid enough to think Android is good well you deserve to use this shit platform.

    • apple fanboi

      Voted you down, dude. There’s plenty of decent apps available for Android. Let’s not resort to the same baseless hyperbole of the mindless droids.

      • Mike Bee

        Indeed there are. The problem really is how do you get them? The open nature of Android allows for many sites to publish apps. The very nature of open. The problem is that finding them has been an issue. Hopefully Google think they have cracked it with the stuff they have shown off at their last demo. But they aren’t actually delivering that today. Amazon think they have cracked it – but only if the developers agree to Amazon setting the prices.

        Actually notice the main difference between Apple and Google here. Google appear to be doing what Apple did back in the day. Lots of bluster and noise about what their stuff “is going to do” in some kind of attempt to distract from what it isn’t doing at the present. Actually this is a very Microsoft way of dealing with stuff. If a competitor is doing something well, they put out a powerpoint presentation to give their cohorts some ammunition to “deal with it” while they try and get some geeks back at base to clone it with the Microsoft spin.

        Last week’s Honeycomb demo was really a tech demo to encourage developers to get on it. Nothing much there for the end users. At least not yet. This was a bit like last year’s I/O keynotes where the smug presenters (Vic Gundotra I am looking at you) went out of their way to slag off Apple at every opportunity to show “upcoming features” many of which they still haven’t delivered a year later.

        Yes I can understand that this sort of rabble rousing is important but at some point you have to deliver. At the moment with the companies producing the hardware that runs Android reluctance to keep the hardware upgraded with the latest software it makes it very difficult to make an investment in Android hardware.

        But why should they? When a company makes a product they make their spreadsheets to work out costs and then they figure out what they can sell it at. Which company in their right mind is going to build in ongoing costs for upgrades into the unforeseeable future? The bean counters would hate that. No. Far easier to sell what you’ve got and then sell them new hardware coz we get more money for that.

        Apple being one company can at least ensure that the OS works and can be installed on all hardware unless there was a significant break in hardware ove the years. Yes I know that the original iphone and iPod Touch can’t be updated – but we’re not talking Android empty promises, where it could be done but isn’t for economic reasons – but both the original iPhone and iPod touch received many upgrades and were at least on par with the new machines when they were first released.

        At the moment Google’s attitude to it’s OEMs is a bit like watching someone using a jelly fish to herd cats.

        • creativename

          didnt bother reading anything but ur first point, how do you get the apps for android. ive had an idea, you could try looking on, oh i dont know, market.android.com ?

  • mark

    Why do only Android fanboys like to use the word “scared”? Is that like trash talk? What does that really mean in the world of business? It has always struck me as immature, uninformed babbling, and renders the rest of the post, whether valid or not, as non-credible.

  • I love how the Darcy (author) uses out of date graphs to make her point. Plus, she tries to influence the reader by selectively showing maket share instead of units sold. Anyone with half a brain can see how misleading your attempt is. What about installed base. What about sales after iPhone? What about sold into channel vs sold to end users? What about buy one get one free offers? C’mon it’s 2011 and your using graphs over a year old? Grow up kid.

  • mike


    More like Usuck.

    Gotta love Android fanboi sites.

    Should be interesting to see the Android beat down by the iPhone on Verzon tomorrow.

    There is a chart showing Android phone manufacture profits. Man, only HTC is maki g any money. The others are sucking wind.

    51% of all phone profits belong to Apple.

    Try to spin that in Androids favor fanboi.

    But yeah, just the sheer volume of Android crap will overtake Apple.

    Beimg the biggest does not mean being the best.

    See Windows as an example.

  • Jeff

    I love the “Conclusion” section. You’ve stated a bunch of your own opinions, several of which aren’t even mentioned in (let alone *supported* by) the body of your post.

    Actually, every sentence in the “conclusion” makes a lot more sense if you append “I like to imagine that” to the beginning.

  • M

    “Android will overtake Apple in almost every respect”

    Android is an OS, Apple is a company – at least say IOS. Or compare Google to Apple.

    Android has market share but it would seem that Apple has all the profits – why should Apple be afraid.

    As to the rest, been there and done that. Windows v Mac, Beta v VHS, Blu Ray v HD, buy what you want – last man standing wins.

    Or the company with all the money – depending on how you count.

  • Grammar Nazi

    Wow, the grammar used in the post is bad at best… Proof read next time?

  • Justin

    Who cares about the iPhone being introduced on Verizon? Apparently many people do considering that pre-orders sold out and Verizon hit an ALL-TIME order record in 2 HOURS! Let me repeat that… 2 HOURS (Dos horas). Yes I’m sure that Apple is super scared of Android… I believe that the reason Android is so popular is because of all the cheap phones and BOGO deals that companies are offering. I ask people why they decided to go with Android and they ask “what’s an Android phone” They don’t even know what they have!!! They just thought the apps were cool and that some douchy salesboy demonstrated how this EVO is better than a Blackberry (like that’s hard to do) Your journalism, and I have a hard time calling it that, is childish at best and you are a blind fanboy/girl. Good day to you.

  • capone

    isuck? haha. ‘i’ really does.

    Apple is definitely in need to innovate since android has undoubtedly caught up with it. iphone5 for apple would finally reveal if apple will finally be playing catch up or android and other OS’s again need to fall back.

    • notcapone…

      “Apple is definitely in need to innovate since android has undoubtedly caught up with it. iphone5 for apple would finally reveal if apple will finally be playing catch up or android and other OS’s again need to fall back.”

      Yes, the Android team want Apple to innovate so that they know where they are going next.

      • creativename

        what, like their inovative idea to put icons on a grid for instance? that one was original.

  • Droid

    You can back up any half baked argument with graphs…

    Above you can see how many more phones Nokia & Samsung sold compared to Apple. They still made less money than Apple.

    Apple must be really terrified, all that money and no-one to tell them how to spend it. I guess it is time they give up the hardware business & start making android wallpaper apps because that is where the money lies.

  • Jock

    Several things pop out while reading this polemic.

    First, why do you refer to yourself as “we”? There is a single author in the byline but apparently they have a tapeworm or are a member of a royal family (tip of the hat to Mark Twain).

    Second, your prose would be more effective if you used you used more comparatives and fewer superlatives. Everything can’t be the best not even Android.

  • Greg

    As an Apple user and AAPL shareholder, I welcome competition. But scared? No. This is fairly embarrassing post, given its poor analytics and weak thought processes. There is lot to be said for some of the development on the Android platform, but this post does not say it. Were the author to spend some time thinking this through, s/he might come up with something interesting.

    Still, it’s nice to know that someone lets you kids out to play and use the keyboard once in a while.

    • Jeff Francis

      Arrogant Pr*ck!

    • creativename

      what does that make you then, if you waste your time compossing comments to bellitle those who are nothing more than “kids”??? a pedo? or just an arrogant twat?

  • Bob The Mac

    In the eternal words of Bugs Bunny, “What an ultra-maroon!, What an I’m-bezel!”. Darcy obviously lives on planet G.

    By the way fellow posters, Darcy…. , is a guy!

    He is the co-Founder of theandroidphone.com

    The pic threw me off as well!!!

    Darcy. I wonder where that ranks among most popular male names.

    Yes, I realize I’m attacking personally. The article doesn’t deserve a response who what’s left?

  • James Franco

    There was a link posted on Macworld linking to this article:

    “It seems likely that, with the help of Honeycomb, Android tablets will do better than they’ve done to date, at least in terms of unit sales. But it’s truly hysterical to hear from Google boosters about “why Apple should be afraid of Android” even as the Apple continues to beat the tar out of everyone in the only measure that has any meaning in the long run: profit. We go through this practically every week, but apparently some people still aren’t getting the memo.”

    It explains why all the Apple minions are coming in here trying to share their 2 cents!

    Only profit matters? Well if that’s the case then Apple is f***ed as the American economy continues to sink in debt on the global stage.

    Only a small portion of people can afford Apple products, especially globally, and that is what we now are, a global economy. I think some Americans forgot to get the memo, or wait I guess CNN hasn’t told them yet :)

    • Thankfully not you

      Oh so all the Android-minions are upset because some sensible people (apparently also known as Apple fanboys to some) realize the humor in this article. What are we high school, with cliques fighting over phone OSs?

      Oh, and that small portion of people that can afford Apple products (the Cult, as you guys call it) must be the ones who account for the iPhone breaking many Verizon’s sales records in two hours the other day. And sales predictions for this year aren’t looking bad, either: http://tinyurl.com/4rsnfrc
      Apple is still keeping up with Android’s growth, and surpassing it in some respects. And they only have four versions of one phone, with one OS, until now on only one carrier, versus Android’s many phones, OS variations, and carrier choices.

      In case you didn’t comprehend the first time:

    • Mike Bee

      “Only profit matters? Well if that’s the case then Apple is f***ed as the American economy continues to sink in debt on the global stage.”
      James… It must be galling to realize that Apple actually grew considerably through the last recession.

      “Only a small portion of people can afford Apple products, especially globally, and that is what we now are, a global economy. I think some Americans forgot to get the memo, or wait I guess CNN hasn’t told them yet :)”
      People are prepared for quality and value because in hard times these things last. Cheapo phones and tablets from me-too clones that get outdated less than a month after release as another company using the same source material add yet more functions to a device just to garner some differentiation do not encourage people to continue buying the cheap stuff.

      Value is far more important than cheap.

      • creativename

        not if you cant afford “value”

  • Lenin

    I felt like I was reading communist propaganda while I was reading this post. Long live Google and it’s glorious Android revolution!!

    • creativename

      i know what you mean mate, i feel the same way whenever i read one of your apple friends comments!!!

  • Paul Mussy

    I am the creator and publisher of the fastest growing operating system (iFOS) in the market today.

    I am highly disturbed by the omission of my OS as a viable threat to both Android and iOS. I am enclosing some statistics that would validate the potential of this threat and why both Google and Apple should entertain iFOS as a viable threat to their business model.

    Exhibit A.
    During the past quarter, the number of iFOS applications grew by an astounding 4000%, iFOS AppStore experienced the fastest rate of growth of any platform in the market today.

    Exhibit B
    Our developer base grew by an astounding 500%.

    Exhibit C
    300% rise in manufacturers enrolled in iFOS vendor program is further evidence of the strength of our platform.

    While it’s true that our AppStore expanded from 1 to 4 applications and 2 people agreed to think about writing applications for iFOS and a promising upcoming woodworker showed passive interest in making a wooden handset, we ask you to emphasize the iFOS threat-down based on the percentages. After all, it’s quiet hard to dispute the % performance in our platform.

    Let me be clear, emphasizing % growth should be the only measure of inevitability. It’s irrelevant that going from 30,000 application to 130,000 is far easier than the exponential complexities of growing an application base of 180,000 to a mind numbing 300,000 inside of a year.

    iFakeOperatingSystem team is hopeful that both google and apple see us for the threat that we are. We are confident that our most ardent supporters heartily called uFOS (u Full Of Sh*t) continue to spread nonesense.

    FYI, next time you make pretty green charts, don’t forget to include the numbers for that other pesky little iOS device called the iTouch… It turns out that has the app store on it too!

  • Derek Freeman

    Can’t we all just get along? I think both Apple & Google are both respected leaders. That I think we can all agree on.

    There is no doubt that Android will experience huge worldwide growth because the price point of the devices. Apple will also take advantage of this global growth, just not to the extent that Android will because their devices simply cost too much and are not affordable.

  • Jeff Francis

    What I find funny is this, the macworld text that linked to this article stated all that matters is profit, ok so Apple makes huge profit. What does that make Apple owners? Suckers?

    Maybe that’s why the first world countries are collapsing in debt, you well educated arrogant egomaniacs overpay for products, then defend them to the death. Sad, very sad…

    The elites laugh at what suckers you people are, heck they stole billions of dollars from the American people and you guys do nothing about it. You go to the mall, buy bigmacs, get fatter, overpay for products and medical care and drown in debt and enslave yourselves further. * For all you Americans who are actually awake and not stupid please disregard this statement.

  • flamebait journalism at its most successful

    This article is a classic example of successful flamebait journalism. Just look at all the comments from Apple defenders!

    To the mindless, robotic, andoid fanboys who wrote and published this article:
    Enjoy your advertising revenue. You’ve earned it.

  • Andre Richards

    OMFG, please tell me this article was supposed to have been satire.

  • Jb

    iSucks said it all! That is why you idiot writer have it in your column becuase this article fü€k!ñg suck! A propaganda at its best. You seemed to console yourself with all goodies just to feel good about your platform. You sound scared dude!

  • The whole “iSuck” thing…that had me ROLLING. Thanks for the laughs!!!

    Apple definitely sucks. I feel like such a mongoloid for getting on the Apple bandwagon. All my friends are exclusively Apple people, and we meet every Tuesday at 8:00 to discuss how wonderful our lives are. Secretly, I hate myself, and realize that I have lost my unique identity. I met my wife, who has on a Macbook Air, at Starbucks. She was drinking a Caramel Macchiato Soy Half Whipped Frappuccino, and I was like, “wow, you love Macs?” We totally fell in love after that. When I finally mustered up the courage to ask permission to ask for her phone number, I saw she had an Iphone, and I was like, “OMG, you have an Iphone too?” I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. But now, I know my life sucks big time, and feel lost. Thankfully, I have a bright light to show me the way… I love having dinner parties with my wife and we invite all our Apple friends over. It’s amazing! There’s always so much great Apple stuff to talk about! FML

  • Barbara

    …and Apple laughs all the way to the bank as its profits from its iOS devices kill the competition. Apple may have fanboys (and fangirls), but the company doesn’t really care about them. They care about making money.

    • creativename

      right then, i dont know why all of the apple fans are so avidly defending them then, if everyone knows that apple really dont care about them, and only want to lure them in to buy more.

  • Arizona Bill

    I saw this:

    > Apple is most certainly scared, but for now remains content with overcharging its
    > blinded customers who opt for expensive convenience.

    So, it’s better to have cheap crap that doesn’t work well?

    • creativename

      there is a rather large line between expensive and crapy. many android devices sit in the middle of that line. if you think that a product can only be either a) expensive and good or b) cheap and crap, then you really do need to get off your mac more, and actualy try to understand the concept of a compromise. that is offcourse, if you can take it upon yourself to get off your high horse first.

  • Paul S.

    The quality, or rather lack of, comments on this post are so beyond belief… this Must be a joke on us… I mean honestly, all these “facts & figures” being presented without Any metal to back them up. Here’s some… how ’bout 46% worldwide marketshare of smartphones to RIM & Apple tied @ 16% with the stalwart Nokia shrunken to just 30%. Now THAT is current, relevent info. BTW, there IIS NO PERFECT PHONE on the market, and I truly wonder if that’s even possible. To each their own so Please Stop the Petty d &%k size fighting and just enjoy what you have (and what you Lust for on your next phone!).

  • penguirl

    The problem with Android isn’t Android, it’s the carriers. How many times have the carriers said they would update a handset’s version of Android only to run into “technical issues” and claim that it’s unfeasible to do so, suggesting instead that if you want the current version of Android you should purchase a new handset.

    That, and the crapware the carriers install on top of Android leave me unwilling to consider any Android handset other than ones sold by Google.

  • Jedd B

    Ok all you Apple lovers will love this article, http://www.businessinsider.com/apple-working-on-smaller-cheaper-iphone-to-fight-android-2011-2

    I’ll give props, at least apple realizes they are fkd.

  • RobB

    In mid-2008, I put about the same amount of money into AAPL & GOOG. Since than, AAPL has more than doubled and GOOG has increased about 125%. In the first 6 weeks of 2011, AAPL is up about 10% and GOOG up a little more than 4%. I believe AAPL has demonstrated its ability to turn ideas into profits.

    Going back to the Apple II, AAPL demonstrated the value of a closed system. Many apps ran far faster on the 2 MH 6502 than the 6 MH 8088 because they didn’t have to worry about what might be attached to the machine, The A II was a “closed” environment. Since then, AAPL seems to have learned about marketing, too. Seems to be a pretty awesome combination – superior design and execution, strategic control of environment, excellent service & support and only half the profits. If I were HP, Samsung, Motorola, etc., I’d be worried about that 51% of the profits AAPL is taking. When is it going to stem the leak and step the pace up to 75% or more?

    • RobB

      Correct second line – GOOG has increased about 25%, not 125%.

      • creativename

        see, ur missing something here, for starters, google as a whole is a BIG company. Android only makes up a tiny part of their overall buisness. the second thing is that apple make more money for each handset sold than google will, because google is only selling the OS, whereas apple will make money for the whole phone. so before you start talking about company proffits etc, but it into perspective.

  • usuck

    U suck, and this article is a spam, and yes Android sux big time, it’s a failed technology and failed OS ….. Apple is light years ahead of sucky google OS …

    • creativename

      yes, obviously android is crap. i mean, its not like HTC has sold any of their android phones or anything. no, of course not. because obviously their most popular phone the Desire has not been bought by one person…imean really dude.

    • creativename

      get off your high horse pr*ck

  • jk

    It’s funny, there are more Apple fanboys here than Android fanboys.
    Easy to tell by thumb up on comments favouring Apple and thumb down on comments supporting Android.

  • Sam

    I live in Thailand and every where I look I see iPhones, Hardly ever a android phone
    The iPhone is around 800$ here about 3 month salary for the working class . But that is not stopping the working class from buying them
    I guess that there are three reasons why the iPhone is every where here in Thailand
    1 iPhone is a great phone
    2 it’s a status thing to have a iPhone here in Thailand
    3 this is the selling factor for me ,we only get 3G on 850 MHz spectrum and iPhone is the only choice here in Thailand for this spectrum ( ok there is nokia but nobody wants symbian)

    I would love to try a android phone but no 850 MHz android phones here so I am out of luck

    • tony

      Sam what are you talking about, i live in Thailand and i have a SG2 and an N8 they both work on 3G AIS and Truemove.