After the disappointing announcement of both the iPhone 5 and iOS 6, with the latter not having introduced anything new from the WWDC event in June, and after Microsoft’s stumbles with Windows Phone 8, it’s safe to say that Android will continue to dominate in both software and hardware this year, especially if there will (most likely) be another version of Android coming out this year.

iOS 6/iPhone 5

So the new “iPhone 5” was announced yesterday. Software wise, there hasn’t been anything new announced compared to the last Apple event, even though some people were expecting Apple would keep some “big features” away from us, to give everyone a surprise when unveiling the iPhone 5. But that didn’t happen, except for the fact that there is now an extra row of icons, which should’ve been expected with a higher resolution, and really how exciting can that be?!. There are still many things lacking from iOS compared to Android, that are much more important.

As far as the hardware is concerned, there’s nothing that groundbreaking. It’s a little taller, but that’s hardly a worthy reason for anyone having an iPhone 4 or an iPhone 4S to upgrade. It’s thinner and lighter, but is that really a big deal for a phone? It’s still 0.5mm thicker than the original RAZR, and it’s about as tall as Motorola’s Droid RAZR M, which actually has a bigger 4.3-inch screen. And I don’t think this is a particularly good benefit for a phone. Being lighter and thinner is much more important for a tablet. There I would agree that tablets need to be half as heavy as they are today.

Droid RAZR M vs iPhone 4S


We don’t know what the processor is yet, but my guess is it’s either a dual core 1.5-1.6GHz Cortex A9, or a quad core 1.2-1.4GHz A9 processor. It’s highly, highly unlikely that the iPhone 5 is using Cortex A15, although there’s no way of knowing until someone disassembles it.

WP8/Lumia 920

Then there’s Windows Phone 8, which hasn’t shown that many new features when it was first announced, probably because Microsoft did most of the work around porting WP7’s features to the Windows 8 core. And Microsoft seems to be unveiling the same features over and over again at every event since then, while at the same time not allowing anyone to test them out, because apparently WP8 is still not ready yet, even though manufacturers have just a month and a half left to port it to their devices until Microsoft’s announces the official “release”.

It’s no surprise that when people talk about WP8, they only talk about Nokia’s Lumia 920, because what they like is not the OS itself, but the design and the camera of the Lumia 920. If anything, in this case, WP8 hindered Lumia 920’s launch. Lumia 920 would’ve sold extremely well with the latest version of stock Android, but that’s one strategic mistake Nokia is never going to take back.

Plus, while I think the design is very good, I don’t think the actual manufacturing is that stellar. It has a 4.5-inch display on a body almost as large (130mm tall, 71mm wide) as the Galaxy S3’s (136mm tall, 71mm wide). So you get less of an advantage of having a large screen with the disadvantage of having such a large phone. Not exactly an ideal trade-off. It also seems to be very heavy (185g) – significantly heavier than Galaxy S3 (133g) and the iPhone 5 (112g). As I mentioned earlier, being too light is not an advantage compared to regular phones (120-140g), but being too heavy can be, especially if it’s that large of a phone.

Why Android will keep leading

I believe it’s safe to say that Android is the most advanced mobile operating system right now, even with Jelly Bean. And if Google releases a new version of Android, which always happens around November, it’s going to arrive with even more features, and stay 2 steps ahead of the competition. Whether it’s Android 4.2 or Android 5.0, that’s irrelevant, because either way it will bring new features.

I strongly believe it’s going to be Android 5.0 unless Google screwed up something, or has a new overhaul of Android coming up, and instead of keeping it until Android 6.0 for next fall, it is going to delay Android 5.0 to the next Google I/O, and unveil it there. At the same time it, Google I/O could become Android’s main event where Google would be showing the “major” version of Android for the year, instead of keeping it for the fall, like it has been done so far .

With the exception of Gingerbread/Honeycomb, which was a strange transition period for Android, when Google split the team in two, to work on two versions of Android in parallel, Google has always unveiled the “major” dot-oh version of Android in fall (1.0, 2.0 and 4.0). So again, unless Google is getting ready to overhaul Android, and doesn’t want to wait until next fall to call it Android 6.0 (major overhauls happened at even numbers 2.0, 4.0…6.0?), it will most likely unveil Android 5.0 this fall with new Nexus devices, to be not only even better competition for WP8 and iOS 6, but probably for Windows 8, too.

As far as Android hardware goes, almost without exception, Android manufacturers have led the market. Again, I very much doubt iPhone 5 has Cortex A15 chips inside, and there’s just no WP8 device that will have either S4 Pro or Cortex A15 chips inside this year, while Android devices will.

So as iOS and the iPhone keep falling further and further behind, and Microsoft and Nokia keep trying to catch up, Android is undoubtedly remaining not only the leader in market share, but also in having the best all-around software, and the most cutting edge and highest performance hardware.

  • Derek Edwards

    Ummm…they specifically said it’s an Apple A6 which is a dualcore A15…

    • Proof? As apple said nothing about their CPU other than a couple of comparisons and a new name. I will happy say I am wrong if you show me some proof as I have been searching the internet and all I have been seeing is opinions and speculation about the CPU.


        • There is nothing on the link about which ARM CPU architecture it is using. Apple hasn’t said anything about architecture, we will just have to wait until someone gets the device and x-rays the CPU to take a look on the inside and see the core designs.

      • HellG

        Tim “COCK” didnt shout quad core nor A15 + talking about the slightly smaller die it simply means its the same Cortex A9 in the iPhone 4s with a jump from 45nm manufacturing process to 32nm, same as the one in the iPad 3, they didnt want to call it A5X as they knew it will be a huge disappointment so they just bumped up that 5 to 6 and no one will know :P

      • Sobr0801
        Here is an actual knowledgeable article on a guestimate on what CPU it has.

    • truth

      if apple says the world is flat would u believe them on their say so ?

      • androidjellybeanuser

        baaa baaa, i am an isheep :)

  • “Lumia 920 would’ve sold extremely well”

    Wow, wow, wow, easy there, would _have_? It hasn’t even started selling yet!

    I dislike WP as much as you guys, but let’s not jump in front of the horses here…

    • MasterMuffin

      Would have because there’s a great chance it won’t sell good though ot’s a great phone

    • Sondre Krumsvik

      windowsphone is a cool OS (htc titan/galaxy s2 with supernexus jb 4.1 user). 7.8 and 8 can compete with android on custimazation (unlike iOS), it will offer better tablets than android (and definetley better than iPad) and we will se a lot of amazing phones with that OS (unlike (you guessed it) iOS).

      I agree that it is too early to claim that the nokia lumia 920 won’t sell well. It is a good phone on the specsheet and it will be fairly priced.

  • I never liked Windows Phone 7/7.5, but the Nokia Lumia 920 and WP8 look good. I would choose it over the Iphone 5. It is all relative as I would choose the international quad core galaxy s3 over the Nokia Lumia 920 as well, but I hope with Apple being a bit lazy it will give room for windows phone 8 to grow. I would really like to see the top dogs be android and windows phone in the next couple of years, as Google and Microsoft can play somewhat fair with each other (unlike Apple) and I would love to see the features and devices that would come from healthy competition between them.

    • PeterBlood

      Windows 8 phone is a good second choice to iPhone 5. Better than any Android phone.

      • Primevyl

        i remember when people said the same thing about RIM

        • PeterBlood

          As you can say that about ANY company. Apple’s chances for a long future ahead are better than most. RIM was stagnant, Apple is anything but, contrary to what many here with short memories think.

          • Willie Rosario

            Give it a rest Peter. iOS 6 is long in the tooth and they are falling behind in innovation and just plain design. You get 1 or 2 new things with every version while Android gives the consumer a zillion ways to customize and connect. Android is getting better and better and is becoming more popular. We’ll see who’s king in a couple of years. Everything cycles and Steve Jobs is no longer with them. RIP

          • PeterBlood

            Guess you haven’t seen the new iPhone yet. Long in the tooth? Only released the other day. Oh I know Android is just sooooo far ahead and executes everything in it’s OS perfectly every time. (Too bad nobody can pinpoint exactly what that is.) Not to mention first versions of built-in apps are feature complete and never require upgrading. Funny then that so many ex-Android users are buying the new iPhones.

            Larger screens do not make for a superior smart phone and frankly that’s all you got besides a plasticky phone that falls apart the first time you drop it. Looking forward to seeing your Galaxy S15 with it’s 27″ display hanging on your backside. That’ll be a sight. Classy!

            Oh and here’s a good word for the Lumia 920 – please consider that one as well.

  • cheidt76

    Mmm: Key Lime Pie…

    • MasterMuffin


  • Edward

    yesterday i read an article on androidauthority talked about “android tablet will die when windows 8 comes out”. now they’re saying android will lead this year, which is the year windows 8 will comes out (october 26)

    • Rid

      Android Tablets maybe will die, but definitely not android phones.

  • I had Omnia 7 and it was huge appointment for me. I personally dislike WP and I won’t go back to it soon, but I would rather see WP develop than Apple. Apple fanaticism (iSheep , iBlind and every other name you could use) and their prices (I can’t throw away money because I simply don’t have it that much) made me hate it.

  • The biggest thing that Android NEEDS to do, is to take better control of updating it’s phones in a smaller time frame.

    • Sobr0801

      Yes, I am sick of this problem and AM switching over to WP8

      • Tarek El-Ghazaly

        Yep. Because all Windows Phone 7/7,5 devices are getting Windows Phone 8…. oh wait. Anyway, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the wide selection of third party apps at your disposal.

  • Alu Zeros

    Nexus needs to bring out the heavy guns

    True quad core that blows away the dual core s4 chip
    3500 mah battery can take out and replace with extra battery if needed
    Better pixel screen than retina no bigger than 4.7
    32 64 128gb internal options for internal memory without sd card storage
    Speakers that blow away the competition
    Blutooth 4.0
    Wifi N
    Internal wireless charging built in
    High quality material making the phone feel solid and scratch proof screen

  • Alex Cordova

    There are two things that come to mind about Android after reading this article.
    First like William said in an earlier comment give your users the updates quicker so that we can stay up to date and enjoy the latest and the greatest without having to worry about a new phone not having anymore updates. Second, not letting cell phone carries clog up the phones with bloatware. Make every single android phone, no matter what carrier it is, stock that way it runs as fast as possible and google has the power to update it easier without have to worry about touchwiz or any other bloatware etc. Also, Patent everything you guys invent and is used in the android operating system so that way if Apple decides to start a fight, we will start a war. :-)

    • androidjellybeanuser

      The issue with the updates from android is being caused by the cell carriers themselves because they want to lock down everything to themselves and add all kinds of bloatware. Also a lot of the phone manufacturers are complaining that android’s os is moving too fast for them to keep up, so don’t blame android.

  • PeterBlood

    The only thing Android will lead in is low profits. Apple takes 71% of the money from smart phones.

    • ablinjin

      If you don’t count all the money apple pays samsung for making it’s phone for them.

      • PeterBlood

        Samsung only supplies fewer and fewer parts for Apple as they are being phased out for being an untrustworthy partner blatantly copying anything they see with abandon but now paying a big price for their greed (9% of their profits were coming from Apple, soon to be 0%) and laziness not developing their own hardware ideas. Those component costs pale to the amount of profit Apple makes.

  • I have both Android and Apple devices. Since when has Android led in both hardware and software? Is Android more customizable, of course, but that doesn’t make it a leader. To be a leader someone needs to own the OS upgrade process and that isn’t happening. iOS is rock solid for the majority. The same cannot be said for a lot of Android users. Power users maybe, but not the masses. I will say my Nexus 7 has been, but Jelly Bean is available for so few devices. In what real world application does Android phones lead Apple in hardware? Not screen or camera quality. Over saturation doesn’t make something better. Games and apps open instantly and run smooth on my 4S last time I checked. I know this is an Android site, but would it be safe to assume you don’t use both device daily?

  • Windows 8 wont kill Android tablets because Android has become the “eReader” OS of choice, where Windows 8 can’t compete with Android on 200$ price points because of Windows 8 licensing costs but can compete with iPad and Ultrabooks at high price points as home and work computer replacements. Android has the bottom of the market, Windows 8 has the top of the market and the iPad will be the “every man’s” tablet for people who don’t know anything about technology nor need to. I doubt Windows 8 Phones are going to have mass market appeal in the same way Apple and Android Phones have right now, but if they manage to replace RIM as the enterprise phones of choice that is already a major victory for Microsoft and Nokia.

  • AJD

    Android phones have a roughly 60% market share across the world, people in the U.S. have Apple blinders on because the fact of the matter is people outside the U.S. do not like Apple nearly as much. This Apple user minority sure does cry the loudest though, i just don’t understand how you could want to use such a locked down OS, why do you think yo have to “jail – break” it just to get half the standard functionality that android already comes with. I for one do not like jail, that’s why I use the best damned OS ever made, Android.

  • theandroidmaniac