Nexus 5 press image

Even though many Nexus 5 details are known, including starting price and press image thanks to a recent Google leak, the leaks continue with what looks like a white Nexus 5 render.

A few days ago we looked at images showing the alleged box of the white Nexus 5, and now we have for you what looks like the press render of the white phone version.

White Nexus 5 render

The often reliable C Technology has posted the image above, and while the device in the picture looks very much like the black Nexus 5 image found on Google’s servers (top image), we’ll quickly notice some discrepancies between these recent white Nexus 5 leaks.

The render above suggests that the whole handset is white, while the box we saw a few days ago seemed to indicate that only the back of the Nexus 5 will be white, with the front and sides still painted black (image below). It’s clear that both pictures can’t be right at the same time.

nexus 5 retail box

Whether the images are showing the actual product or not, C Technology has also said that the white Nexus 5 will soon be available for purchase, as it will be launched alongside the black model. We’ll just have to sit and patiently wait to see if this rumor comes out to be true or not.

Finally, a new Twitter account supposedly dedicated to leaks has posted a Nexus 5 press render that shows the same Nexus 5 handset spotted on Google’s server, but slightly tilted. Of course, we’ll note that this image was posted on Twitter a day after Google’s accidental Google Play Store Nexus 5 listing.

  • Okoye Anderson


  • Gaja

    This is fake, a lame color inversion in Photoshop or something. Just look at the LED flash. On the original black picture, it’s mostly yellow-white, while on the faked picture, it’s mostly yellow-black without a proper reason. LED flash should be of same color on both the black and the white Nexus, while it is not in the images above.

    • trwb

      Look at the glare on Nexus logo too. Its reverse on the fake one.

      • didn’t even bother to mask out the camera lens

  • SuyashSrijan

    White looks so bad… black ftw.

  • yellowflash94

    The image is a fake a androidpolice reader had posted an identical one explaining how he did it the other day

  • Randy Sylmar

    Well, here’s hoping they do a full white phone instead of the white/black style. Damn did that make the Nexus 4 look cheap.

  • Cliffon

    Looks like a bad photoshop of the original black render

  • DonatelloTHM

    This is,without a doubt 100% fake ,anyone who uses photoshop or some other image editing software knows that this is an edited image, you can see that, now the source of light is from below and this doesn’t make sense, that means there’s a color inversion.

    • trwb

      Yes, looks like inverted colors to me too.

      • IDontKnowMyName

        yea I agree too, but a white nexus 5 will be real nice though :)

        • grumpyfuzz

          There should be one, when the Nexus 5 was on the play store and you went to the link of it. It said black in the URL, which no other nexus device says, because they’re all one color.

  • wong mang chung alex

    looks fake to me. Photoshop ?

  • Groud Frank

    I cannot imagine it being too difficult to take an image of a black nexus 5 and turning it white. There are some very talented people on the internet. Just look at what they did with Miley Cyrus’ twerking fiasco.

  • Sajjad Zulphekari

    its fake but the white camera lens is awesome!

    • chanman

      yeah, until you try taking a photo that’s 50% glare… which is coincidentally the reason I will never buy a white phone. (also makes video playback less enjoyable)

  • Raj Sekhar


  • Guest

    This is definitely fake..It is just an inverted pic of nexus 5
    This is the photoshopped image i did using the original “nexus5 black” image and it took less than a minute to do it

    • Brian Shieh

      hope AA can update it saying its truly a fake press image

  • Raj Sekhar

    This is definitely fake..It is just an inverted pic of nexus 5
    This is the photoshopped image i did using the original “nexus5 black” image and it took less than a minute to do it

  • Tom Clowes-Whitby

    the one with the white face is a fan made image. the one with the white back and black face is most likely the real one.

  • Abbas Mustafa Bhaiji

    Maybe it’ll launch with for custom nexus back and front panels

  • XLite

    Color White are only on the back not whole body…