May 31, 2013

white nexus 4

After all the gossip and rumors, earlier this week we learned that the white LG Nexus 4 was making its way over to Hong Kong, with a limited rollout coming to select markets “in the coming weeks”. Apparently that time has already come, at least for those of us in the United States.

The white Nexus 4 is now available in 8GB and 16GB variants, includes a free white bumper, and comes with the same $299 and $349 pricing we all know and love. It’s also worth mentioning that T-Mobile carries the white version as well, listed at $427.99. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to qualify for a payment plan option.

Outside of the color change, the specs for the white version remain the same as the original black model, not that that’s a bad thing. For those that need a refresher, you can check out the full specs here.

If you’ve been waiting off on the Nexus 4 up until now and are finally considering it, be sure to check out our full review:

Keep in mind that only the United States seems to have the white version of the Nexus 4 available on Google Play so far, no word of the Canada, the UK or any other market.

How about it, now that it is available, do you plan to pickup a white LG Nexus 4?

Andrew Grush
Andrew is dedicated to reporting on the latest developments in the world of Android, and is very passionate about mobile technology and technological innovation in general. While he appreciates Android in all of its forms, he prefers a clean stock experience when possible and currently rocks a Nexus 5. Andrew also loves to engage with his readers, and welcomes well-thought-out conversations and responses in the comments section!
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