White Motorola Droid Ultra alleged photo shows up

by: Chris SmithJuly 7, 2013

Motorola Droid Ultra XT1080

An alleged image of the Motorola Droid Ultra has hit the web well ahead of the phone’s official announcement.

After just seeing a picture reportedly showing the new Droid MAXX, we’re now looking at the white version of the Droid Ultra, at least according to xda-developers user xavierk75. However, the user has not specified where he got the image from or other details of the device. In case it matters, we’ll also notice that xavierk75’s forum photo post is his first and only post on xda – is it a controlled leak by any chance?

The phone is said to be the XT1080, a device that has already been spotted at the FCC – at the time, we wondered whether the XT1080 model stood for one of the new Ultra models.

Moreover, we’ve already seen the Ultra listed on Motorola’s website, so it’s probably only a matter of time until we see the company announce this particular device.

The image reveals an Android smartphone that packs a large display with rather thin bezels, a front-facing camera near the top speaker and sensors, three capacitive buttons, and a on/off button and volume rockers on the right side of the device.

The device also features a Motorola logo on the top left corner, a logo that’s similar to the one spotted on other leaked Motorola handsets – including a rumored Moto X prototype – and is clearly marked as a “Motorola confidential property.”

The Droid Ultra in this image is looks like the Droid MAXX that we’ve seen the other day, although we’re yet to confirm any of these two devices. According to known leakster @evleaks, the Droid Ultra is the XT1080 while the Droid MAXX is the XT1080M.

That said, considering the variety of Motorola-related leaks and reports, we expect to see the company announce these devices sooner rather than later.

  • Benjamin Rodriguez

    So back to capacitive, then. At least they don’t insist in using the outdated menu button that Google tried to kill in 2011.

    • Grman Rodriguez

      Most phones use the menu button rather than multitask

      • Benjamin Rodriguez

        And that is a problem! The menu button is inconsistent, you never know if it will work in an app or not. That is why google replaced it with action overflow, which appears on-screen thus fixing the user experience(now you always know if there are more hidden functions).

        BUT as long as Samsung(the single biggest Android vendor) keeps using the menu button, app developers won’t update their apps with proper a UI. And phone makers that choose to use capacitve buttons with the official button layout will get a big unsightly black bar on the the bottom of the screen.

  • rodpe

    Noooooo, capacitive…