White Moto X and profile shot shown in new renders; FCC says 2200mAh battery on board

by: Chris SmithJuly 21, 2013

Motorola X Phone Ad

A Twitter account known for the almost-always accurate mobile-related details revealed ahead of their time has posted new Moto X images, showing the handset’s profile and an alleged press image of white version, but also details about the battery of the smartphone.

New pics

In the images below, you can see the white Moto X version of the handset, which is similar to the black version posted by the same @evleaks the other day. While we still have to wait for the August 1 New York-based Moto X press event to have these images confirmed, the device in them is pretty similar to the handset spotted in the hands of Eric Schmidt or in the leaked Rogers video.

Moto X

Purported Moto X press image | Image credit @evleaks

A profile image of the black Moto X has also been offered by @evleaks (see below), suggesting that the handset will be rather slim, at least its bottom side, and have a curved back.

As you can see, the leaked Moto X press renders show the handset only in white and black, which are supposedly the standard version models that carriers will get. That’s what a report said a while ago, and a detail the Rogers video seemed to confirm.

We’ll most likely see the handset available in a variety of colors when ordered directly from Motorola / Google.

That Moto X battery

Considering the shape of the Moto X’s profile, we can only wonder what battery it will pack, and whether it will be user-replaceable. @evleaks helps again, saying that the device will have a 2200mAh “internal/non-removable battery,” “as tested for FCC certification.

That’s pretty much in line with what we’ve heard from an independent source, and with what Android Police has learned from its own sources. It will certainly interesting to see what battery life will be like on a device that’s supposed to always listen for the user’s verbal commands.

Moto X

Purported Moto X press image | Image credit @evleaks

Moreover, considering that the Moto X will be customizable, it would be a logical assumption to make that buyers will be able to change the appearance of their device by ordering new cases for the handset. That would mean that they would be able to easily remove the back case, which would give them access to the battery. In such a scenario, the battery should also be easy to replace, if it were removable.

However, it’s not clear how Moto X customization would work and we’re only speculating on the matter at this point, so we’ll wait for Google to make everything clear in a few weeks.

  • Tamadrummer94

    Ugh, that’s still not the battery capacity I was hoping for, and certainly not the size a phone that thick should have. What did they stuff that chunker with if it isn’t a huge battery?

    • Me too. I was hoping that it would come with 3000 aMh, or even better rumored 4400 that I heard. We will see. I think all smart phones should have no more than 3000, that would last a day definitely with a 4-6 hours screen usage.

      • DainLaguna

        but did you honestly expect a phone with a battery like that to sell as cheap as what everyone is wanting this device to sell for?

        • Actually I expect this phone would not be cheap but I could be wrong. If selling cheap, that would make sense that it come with 2000mAh battery. But I am hopeful that they would go with a mega battery for a great deal.

    • bozs13

      a good camera?

      • Tamadrummer94

        Camera modules really don’t take up that much space. No, it looks like they’re cutting prices down on manufacturing and engineering so they can afford to sell these things for cheap.

        • bozs13

          I agree about the cheap thing but camera modules can take as much room as they want to take. There’s always a bigger and better cell phone camera module. Even the 1020 has a nice big round protrusion. I doubt we’d get a camera that nice in this phone but camera modules aren’t always small when powerful.

  • SeraZR™

    Was hoping for a little more juice

  • Pat

    SD card?

    • Frederico Silva

      It’s Google, so no..

  • Jarl

    2200 is a hell of a lot better than 1500
    and it ‘only’ has a dual core processor

    If the price is right, this is going to sell like crazy
    just my 2 cents

    • spade

      agree with you Bro :D

      • Savbers

        Don’t Agree. The Motorola Razr HD LTE has the same specs (dual core, 720p screen) and its battery is 2530mAh. I don’t know about you but 2200mAh vs 2530mAh – I’m sticking with the latter.

        • DainLaguna

          that razr hd also runs a bunch of carrier bloatware, has a subpar camera and probably doesnt have anywhere near the optimizations that this thing does.

          but if you mean that 2530 mah’s is bigger than 2200…well, then yeah.

          • Savbers

            You can disable carrier bloatware – and who’s to say that it won’t exist on this phone?

            Subpar Camera’s don’t determine battery life.
            It will probably have less optimizations seeing as they’re going EVEN CLOSER to the stock android look.

            2530mAh IS bigger and hardly gets me through a day, I wonder what 2200mAh would do.

        • spade

          That’s obvious Bro, but you just missed the point here, we’re talking about Moto X here, by you mentioned other phones actually there’s a lot of phones better than this one, but no point of that, we’re expecting this phone should be a cheaper when it will hit the market.

          • Savbers

            I’m talking about the Moto X too. It’s battery is a suspected 2200mAh. I’m saying I disagree with the size and think it is too small. Sorry that didn’t get through to you..

          • spade

            chill Bro, np…..well, Motorola Razr HD LTE still a good deal though, but i personally like the designs of Moto X :D

          • Savbers

            I do too! I enjoy everything about the Moto X too… just not its battery. It’s small. Hopefully it’s cheap to try.

    • But really a 3,000+ battery would have brought this phone to a new level…

    • Jarl

      guess what, the price isnt right AND its not available outside the US
      motofail, yet again

  • Laborin_HK

    I was hoping it would be on par with the RAZR HD capacity since the screen size is the same.

  • acey_zero

    Ironic, this phone is advertised so heavily as being customizable, but now we are hearing it has a sealed battery, and a microsd slot seems unlikely…

  • Misti curia

    Seems like a pretty bad phone for us spec lovers :0 hope moto proves me wrong!

    • ben

      It’s not made for spec lovers. It’s an upper mid range phone for cheap. Not a flagship or top of the line. That’s not what it is trying to be.

  • Luka Mlinar

    This i the 4.5″. I’m waiting for the real X phone. The 4,7″

  • PriceIsTheNewBlack

    Anyone arguing that this phone will not compete with the One and GS4, has completely missed the point of its existence. At ~$300, this phone was designed to compete in the NEW battleground for device manufacturers… the middle tier/value/mini market. With the impending release of the “affordable” iPhone, SOMEONE needs to step it up and offer a device with GREAT specs for the price. All we keep seeing from other OEMS are phone with sub-par specs at this price point; 5-8mp cameras with [email protected] sensors, 1GB of RAM, sub-par displays, or tiny batteries, there always seems to be SOMETHING sacrificed in order to hit the price mark. This phone is bringing the complete package; a revolutionary 10MP RGBC camera, a solid CPU capable of delivering lag free performance on an almost stock build, paired with a battery which should deliver exceptional run times, all packaged in a mini form factor and a mini price tag. I think they’ve got a home run here! Having it in virtually any color you want and assembled by skilled Americans making an honest wage is just icing on the cake.

    • Cao Meo

      You don’t pay 500M to market a $300 phone, N4 sold for 300 w/o any marketing and with only minimal customer support and w/o any middlemen.

      I think they will sell Moto X for $400-450 at least.

      • Qwerty

        The Nexus 4 may have sold for only $300 with little to no marketing, but I think Google/Motorola want this phone to sell more than the Nexus 4 did. Not only that–isn’t this phone supposed to compete with the likes of the iPhone and the Galaxy S4? The Moto X will need more than just a $300 price tag if Google/Motorola hope to have it sell anywhere near the figures that the previously mentioned two phones have been selling. You need to make consumers realize that this phone exists and if you want them to buy it, you’ll really have to press that notion. That’s where the $500 million comes into play.

    • Piyush

      i think its battle between mid-range lumia devices rather than , rumor cheap iPhone.

  • conquerstrife

    Hope its $200 off contract w/ 16 gb storage. Anything higher would be a killer especially with the Nexus 4’s price.

    • Cao Meo

      lol Google is so rich they don’t need to make money on hardware. Maybe they will give the phones away just to encourage people to use Google search.

      Seriously Motorola are not Google and they have to make money as HTC or Samsung.

    • DainLaguna

      how so?

      the build of this (and moto vs lg in general) is better, the camera looks to be massively better than the n4 and the n4’s uncalibrated screen wont be difficult to usurp.

  • jjordan

    I dont see this thing being as cheap as 300 dollars I can guarantee this will be more like 400-500 dollars. Im just saying I think the price might be a disappointment

    • ThemsTheBreaks

      If it’s priced that high, why would someone buy the X over the Nexus 4? It would have to be priced around the same as the N4 (or, more preferably, less) if they expect to sell many.

      • DainLaguna

        better camera? screen? battery capacity?

  • Android wins!

    I hope it’s as cheap as the Nexus 4.

  • joe

    if it’s $400 or more, for another $100 or so, you can buy a top of the line phone…i’m not spec crazy but i want a phone that will last a couple years…the prob with my gnex is the specs…i use a custom rom but even then, it’s at the point if the os isn’t optimized (rumors suggest it will be able to run on older phones) in the next upgrade, my phone is stuck at 4.2.2…that’s where specs become important…future os upgrades…sure, the moto x can handle 4.3 or 5.0, both speculated to be out this year, but what about the middle of next year…when 5.5 comes out….or whatever it’s called…if i spend $200 or $600 on a phone, i want it to last more than a year or so…

  • joser116

    They could make it the same price as Nexus 4 because it has similar specs to Nexus 4 (in fact, Nexus 4 has a processor with more cores). The price of those components surely went down.

  • dandroid13

    Damn, this looks good, way better than any HTCrap! Too bad it won’t have a sdcard slot.

  • Ryan Campa

    Perfection. 720p @ 4.5″ is perfect. 1080p on smartphones is stupid and should only be reserved for a niche market. Quadcore is excessive as well, so the choice to go with the snapdragon 400 is a smart move. People get sooooo obsessed with specs that they ignore anything that does fit the cookie cutter mold. The specs on this phone are in line with what the majority of people use their phones for. If you’re an outlier, then this phone isn’t for you. But if you like efficient performance, a manageable size, speedy updates, and an impressive battery life, then consider this phone.