Americans are known to be very defiant when in the face of censorship. Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a 55-year old Egyptian Coptic Christian living in Southern California, has started a firestorm in the Muslim world with his short film depicting a heavy anti-Islam slant, and now has the backing of Google.

White House officials have asked the media giant to pull the video, in light of the sensitive situations occurring in Egypt and Libya. Google has flatly refused on the grounds that the video is within YouTube guidelines, but noted that it has already taken strict measures to restrict access to viewing in countries which are primarily Muslim or where civil unrest is likely. At last check, India, Indonesia, Egypt and Libya were the only places where such viewing is prohibited.

Whether or not this is directly related to the mob attacks in Benghazi last Tuesday, which claimed the lives of four individuals, including U.S. Ambassador, Chris Stevens, is yet to be known. But it surely played a part and Google has said it has taken action based on local law rather than political pressure. The film’s key figure and director has not commented on the worldwide political unrest or his film, “Innocence of Muslims” status with the White House. He is currently in a location unaware to media officials, after turning himself into a Cerritos, Calif., Los Angeles County police station on charges unrelated to the film.


  • Kashif Ali

    why is that Freedom of Speech is always used for targeting muslims/Islam. One who is not stopping the spread of this message/video is infact a part of the crime. May the perpetrators of the film rot in hell.

    • always used for targeting muslims/islams? You know this is not true, freedom of speech entitles everyone to have an opinion based on their own experiences (allthough some opinions are stupid, but that’s the downside) :/ and no they are not always used for targeting muslims. -.-

    • Nashoba Darkwolf

      Why is the freedom of speech used all the time when attacking gays, women, racial minorities and other religions? Or better yet the “freedom of religion?”

    • Muslims only turn out in numbers when they’ve been insulted. (This thread is more proof!) Otherwise, you don’t hear a peep from them. That tells volumes to the me about how engaged they are in the world around them. Islam seeks to mute social, economic, and physical freedom, so it’s no wonder that the only issue that can be fought over is freedom of speech, the one thing Islam lacks.

  • Kashif Ali

    Why go far….what do you think of veil Ban……”WEST” …the so called champion of HUMAN RIGHTS……

    • Allah

      So, its OK to kill 4 people just because of a movie? What kind of barbaric and satanic religion would do that? You should condemn those who murdered people instead of attacking the WEST. BTW, west is more than just the US.

      • Kashif Ali

        may be you should see a psychiatrist.

        • @Kashif Ali I’m not going to get into the religion thing with you (because it would be pointless), but it seems that anyone who differ from you in opinions/point of view is wrong… I think you’re the one who needs help.

    • jk

      the veil ban is a right thing to do because if you are leaving your islamic country to live your life in the west because you like it there more then you should accept the culture of your new home, which is dressing up properly and not hiding the face or the whole body of women. also schools and working places have a so-called dressing code, and i think it is fair that you cannot work hiding your whole body because of security issues. below the burka you could hide various objects or even it could be a totally different person. for instance a student writing an official exam has to be identified, otherwise someone else could come in and write the whole exam instead of that student.
      also not to mention that in the extremist islamic countries it isn’t allowes to build churches… I don’t say that the west is so right and to be honest I’m not a fan of the US either but just think about how extreme those places are and compared to that a veil ban is not too bad, at the end all muslims can stay muslim and they don’t have to hide their religion.

      • hamim

        Are you sure about the Muslims not having to hide? do you have any idea how much crap is being fabricated by the security forces in the western countries to prosecute Muslims? Do you not know how many thousand Muslims are being held with out charge and without proof for no reason whatsoever just because they are Muslims. They you have any clue how serious Isalamophobia is? If anyone insulted the Jews, they would risk getting arrested by the Police for racism while on a daily basis there are demonstrations in front of places of worship all over the western countries, physically and verbally abusing Islam and Muslims, be it in the society, or the media.

        Oh well, I guess one cant expect people like yourselves to know much about the world around you other than what you are presented with by Google on your android gadgets.

  • Out of all the religions in the World, they only found Islam left for attack ?. This is pretty shameful. I don’t know how this video is up to youtube’s guideline, this clearly attacks religion!. I don’t why every1’s blind, so called champion of Human rights!. Disgusting !

    • Jatin T

      So, its OK to kill 4 people just because of a movie? What kind of
      barbaric and satanic religion would do that? You should condemn those
      who murdered people instead of attacking the WEST.

      • Faizan Laghari

        It’s never okay to kill anyone for ANY reason, and Islam doesnt say it is okay to do so either. Stop judging the religion because of the PEOPLE. If we start judging Christianity because of President Bush / Obama’s killing spree in this region, I think you’d think twice before posting such idiocy. :)

        • Jatin T

          Exactly. Stop attacking YouTube and instead condemn the murders.

        • Antonio S.

          Many don’t judge because of the people, but because of what they read…
          Quran 2:191-193
          “And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution [of Muslims] is worse than slaughter [of non-believers]… but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah.”

          My understanding of Islam states that the “peace” part only applies to members of Islam, or that: once everyone is Muslim, everyone will be peaceful.
          I loathe religion for I feel it has no place in my life or my family’s life; it offers nothing new or valuable to the advancement of human-kind’s knowledge and offers nothing in terms of morals that weren’t already in place in tribal socieities, before massive monotheistic relgions decided it should be “God’s” law.
          I loathe the hypocritical followers of any religion as well; Christians that say The Old Testament’s rules of living (Leviticus, et al.) aren’t followed because Jesus Christ died blah blah blah, but will insist that homosexuals are sinful; and Muslims that claim a religion of peace and decide that for the sake of political and local customs that perhaps we shouldn’t kill the infidel today.
          Usama bin Laden was a terrible man to be sure, but as far as respect for followers of religious dogma go, I respected him, because he at least believed in and followed, whole-heartedly his faith’s primary text.

          • hamim

            It is like child play to actually present something out of context. Stop spreading lies and man up and speak the truth. The verse was revealed at a time when Muslims were being slaughtered wherever they were found and they were kicked out their homeland. Why wouldn’t they kill. You would kill a thief if he intruded your property, then why is it so wrong to kill a bunch of blood thirsty murderers. The verse refers to Muslims in a state of war where Muslims were the weakest and severely outnumber and out-muscled.

            As far the atheists are concerned, don’t even get me started. No war in the history of humanity has caused more death and destruction than the 2 world wars and who were they inspired by??? Darwin and his theory of survival of fittest followed whole-heatedly by Hitler and many more in the western world which is even now being thought in schools, colleges and universities of western countries who prosecute teacher, lecturers and professors of biology who teach anything but the barbaric laws set by Darwin and the stupid evolutionists.

          • You lose. Hitler was a devout Christian.


          • Ironically, Islamic faith needs to evolve but cannot because of its framework, thus it will diminish and disappear. Adapt or acquiesce. That’s the fact of natural law whether Mohammed approves of it or not.

    • Nashoba Darkwolf

      i have found Googles use of “attacks against religions (opinion)” to be quite few and far between from the backlash of many famous posters like thunderfoot, amazing atheist, etc and their fans. There are also a ton of videos posted by fundamentalist attacking women, gays, racial minorities and other religions, and atheist posted by groups like the Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, NOM, Christian News Network, etc.

    • Sir, Islam origins are based on a pedophile and now its representatives are a bunch of warmongering nutjobs. Please tell me you are kidding about the world being blind.

  • timekiller

    I want to ask the same question. Why always Islam is Insulted? No other religion is being insulted like this. But Why Islam?

    • MasterMuffin

      Because there have been terrorist attacks in USA and they have been made by islamic people so some americans fear/hate islamic people, it’s a shame that the religion gets bad reputation just because there are few idiots who have that religion also. It’s like if a christian would destroy white house, that would mean that all christians are terrorists o.O

    • The Catholics too have been insulted so many times by atheists, other Christian churches, and some other religions too.

      • As they should be. Religion is for the weak. Questioning “why” and using the scientific method is a superior creed, if you will.

        • timekiller

          ok give me a scientific proof why you are in this world? why this world is created? Why are we humans?

          • The point of this article is exactly where you are trying to steer the conversation. When we frame reality through the lens of religion (ANY religion) we give it more power and creedence. This is a tech blog and the context of this story is about how modern technology still has to fight the incessant old canon of censorship from neanderthals who believe a warmongering pedophile is the greatest thing since irrigation in the desert.

      • timekiller

        are you sure? Do they insult each other like peoples Insult Islam?

    • Nashoba Darkwolf

      Many other religions are insulted daily by people who have freed themselves from the confines of superstition.

      • timekiller

        Well freedom of speech is always use to talk on Islam. this is a fact.

  • jk

    sorry there are loads of stuff about catholics too. only extreme views are attacked. the truth is that only these extreme muslims take it so badly and kill people and complain so much about other people’s views. WHO CARES IF A VIDEO ATTACKS RELIGION??? we have the freedom of speech and it is important to express our views. if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. it was your choice. think about it… you only hear about muslims complaining and showing their disappointment and reactions. there are criticisms of many other religions, the difference is that they don’t take it so badly.

    • timekiller

      freedom of speech is always use for Islam. I haven’t heard an insulting film about other religion.

  • SS

    There has to be a limit to freedom of speech and learn to observe some mutual respect. Why are Americans hated so much in the middle east? Cause they dumb shit like this.

    • Respect is earned. There is no limit to freedom. It’s an on/off switch.

  • faco

    When you say Americans you refer to people who lives in America or just those who live in USA? Take into account that this blog is read be people from many countrys and in the rest of the world Americans are the ones who live in America not just in USA like Europeans are from Europe.

    • I’m sorry. Is this an example of an obtuse question? You did a good job if it is. If its not, you may want to rephrase your question so it’s not misunderstood.

  • european

    The film was the work of ONE guy. Even the actors didn’t know the plot. So, since i suppose that somewhere in muslim countries there is at least ONE guy insulting jesus christ on the internet, should we attack muslim countries’ embassies with RPGs?

    • Etheekio

      Totally wrong. I challenge you to find a single muslim to insult jesus anywhere. You know why? Because No muslim would be a muslim if he/she doesn’t believe in Jesus. Thats right, We believe in Jesus Peace be upon him. We beleive in all messengers of allah. but i do agree that Some Muslims negative reaction to this film wasn’t right. According to Michael Hart, The Prophet Muhammad is The Most Influential Man in History :
      We Love our Prophet beyond our soul.

    • Guest

      Totally wrong. I challenge you to find a single muslim to insult jesus anywhere. You know why? Because No muslim would be a muslim if he/she doesn’t believe in Jesus. Thats right, We believe in Jesus Peace be upon him. We beleive in all messengers of allah. but i do agree that Some Muslims negative reaction to this film wasn’t right. According to Michael Hart, The Prophet Muhammad is The Most Influential Man in History : Check wiki for “The 100”
      We Love our Prophet beyond our soul.

      • unfortunately you insult christians by saying hes just a prophet hes not a prophet to me he was the son of the living God the messiah the savior of the world not here to bash what yor belief is but in this case your argument doesnt stand a cause so your doing the exact same thing that your mad that a Egyptian man who became a christian began to do so in reality you just lied. you do offend by calling (Esau in arabic) (Jesus in english) just a prophet plus you insult Christians by saying Allah is God the God of the jews and Chritians is not allah. allah is not in the Jewish Language its el elohim meaning creator and his name is not elohim either his name is (Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh) Yahweh meaning I AM that I AM. the very first name he gave in Exodus.

  • wyndslash

    if everyone practiced “true” “free speech”, countries would constantly be at war with each other :p

    • Nashoba Darkwolf

      as if they are not constantly at war with each other now over their religious drivel.

  • True Liberal

    Bravo Google for standing up to bullies. We do not support blasphemy laws, mob rule, or sharia law. Good work.

    • SamsaraGuru

      If we start allowing ourselves to bow to the will of fanatics whose perception of “reality” is so incredibly fragile that they take homicidal umbrage at a poor, stupidly produced and written deliberate attempt to insult Islam, then we are not too far from embracing the same type of repressive thinking that so many in the Middle East hold near and dear and are proud of it.

      Google did the right thing by standing up to the White House. Perhaps if the White House had even half the guts that Google is demonstrating by its stand and actually wasn’t so interested in apologizing for America and placating these types they would get the message that it’s not nice to fool with America.

      You don’t see people attacking the Russian or Chinese embassies do you? Why? Well first, of course, because the Chinese and Russians do their best to support nations that are totalitarian and dictatorial in nature, but also because those same nations and their leaders know that if they did attack Russia or China they would not be worried – as is the White House – about tip toeing through tulips in a hope of winning back those who hate our guts. Nope the Russians – especially – would kick their asses, as they did when some of their people were taken, in I believe Beirut, about 15 years ago; no one has bothered the Russians since.

  • rsanchez1

    Officially, the riots are over the video, but it’s an election year, and the White House is looking for something to blame. How convenient that the riots happened on 9/11, eh? It’s just asshats who choose to commemorate the anniversary of 9/11 with more violence.

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  • sana.


  • sana

    Shame :|

  • sana

    U make such movies on my religion expect me to be quite? I m not swearing cause i m not stooping down to the level of the maker but the way he has insulted us muslims & islam seriously shows how lack of knowledge,empathy he has and he is a mad man. For he himself doesn not know that he has sinned. Let thy god have mercy on him. But this freedom of speech as stated by all has truly hurted many hearts of muslims and these ppl shud feel shame. Period.

  • shame on Obama for cowtowing to Muslims and denying our right to freedom of speech – here i was starting to like the guy and now he pulls this shit!!

    • timekiller

      Dear just watch the above picture. as then answer Don’t just say freedom of speech.

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