Behold, the white Honami

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 14, 2013

Sony i1 Honami white leak

We all know that the Sony i1/Honami is coming soon. We’ve seen it a bunch of leaked images already and we’ve heard several rounds of credible rumors detailing its specifications and features.

So we’re not going to learn any new details about the Honami from this latest leak from Xperia Blog. It’s just nice to see the highly anticipated device in a new coat of paint and from more angles.

Without further ado, here’s how the white Sony i1/Honami presents itself.

Besides the white paint scheme, the Honami will likely come in black and purple, and perhaps even blue. We’ll know all the details on September 4, when Sony will hold its pre-IFA press event.

  • samosa king

    It’s finally been leaked properly! :’)

  • spade

    Yea the awkward white Honami with black panel on the front….whatever, i’ll buy black colour as usual.. LOL

  • Tamadrummer94

    The phone doesn’t need to be that big if they’d only shrink the bezels. The Z and ZL had much smaller bezels, this is baffling.

    • alila2

      Sony should have put all these Honami specs in the ZL and they would have ruled the market . The ZL is the best designed phone from sony so far.

  • Edwin

    That’s a big phone…

  • jessem1323

    Holy bezels! The bezels on the LG G2 make this thing look silly. I am really looking forward to this device but there is no need for those huge top and bottom bezels.

    • Daniel DS

      I believe the G2’s bezels are either smaller are same as this phone

      • le_lutin


      • jessem1323

        The G2’s bezels are the thinnest ever on a smartphone, hence my comment.

        • SkylaC90

          those bezels are HUGE!!!!! Makes me only want to buy the G2 now, thanks for pointing that out. your evil….

          • Lisandro O Oocks

            Those bezels are essential in case you want to place your lunch on the phone and still be able to watch a video on the screen. Sony is thinking ahead of what you do most with your phone.

      • alila2

        i believe, you need to check your eyes, ASAP !!!

  • For people complaining about thick bezels×480.jpg

    Not much bigger at all.

    • jumbo3220

      yeah…no problem if the bezel is slightly thicker as it gives more space for more capacity battery. in this case Honami is rumored to have a 3000mAh battery

      • Guest

        G2 says otherwise with its 3000mAh battery.

        • ;rj;r

          agree. and i heard it won’t come with an IR blaster. are sony batteries really that big to increase thickness and width all the same?

    • zk

      too big, tooooo bigggg. bezels.
      z is not small one, but this thing is even bigger. though uses 5″ screen.
      bad idea.

  • Wizl
    Text on the bottom> Sony next flagship honami has a 20MP Exmor R sensor and capable for 4K (4000×2000 res) video shooting.
    Crazy huh? :D

  • S.L Jones

    Bezels aren’t as bad as I thought they’d be… But why even when the G2 did such a great job with the screen ratio? I’m torn… I’ll have to wait till the fourth to make my final decision

  • azrull

    Hoho..the monster from Sony..

  • brendan soliwoda

    Damn, those bezels, are killing me. But, i’m still gonna pick this over the G2. Does anyone know if this has OIS, cause if it does, than it’s a lock for the honami.

  • Cristi13

    20 mp on this small sensor, you got to be kidding me!

  • End in sight

    Thanks for the leak! Can’t wait for the 4th!

  • DanDingello

    Oh my just look at that girl’s claws. **distracted. :P

  • ;rj;r

    I just hope those bezels translate to better resistance from breaking when dropped.

  • Looks very nice

  • HitokiriX

    Those bezels are atrocious.

  • Mastermind

    The bezel..

  • xtriker360

    What a waste of real state with those bezel, what the hell is wrong with sony?

  • Cole Raney

    Sony can’t keep a phone secret. Makes me wonder if they are trying to prevent leaks.

  • Nandar Mg Mg

    Sony the Best!