Yesterday Facebook announced their plans to purchase WhatsApp for a staggering $19 billion, with plans to keep the service running separately, which means that Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp will co-exist, at least as far as the immediate future is concerned.

According to Fortune, however, there is more to the story than just Facebook’s interest in the messaging platform. Reportedly, two separate sources claim that Google was also actively interested in purchasing WhatsApp and had offered as much as $10 billion for the service.

It’s not completely clear when or why WhatsApp denied the offer, though it is important to note that Google’s bid did not come with a promise of a board seat for WhatsApp co-founder and CEO Jan Koum, unlike Facebook’s offer.

Would WhatsApp have been better off becoming part of the Google family? Honestly, there’s really no way of knowing for sure. For one thing, it’s still early in the game and we’ve yet to see how Facebook handles the acquisition. Even if things go badly, we can’t say what Google might have done differently. If Google had purchased the service, there’s also no guarantees that Google would have kept WhatsApp around as an independent app — something that Facebook is intent on doing.

What do you think of Facebook’s $19 billion purchase of WhatsApp? Does this at all change your opinion of the service? Do you wish that Google would have bought the platform instead? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Andrew Grush
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  • Dynamite

    Google screwed !

    • MasterMuffin

      scroogled xd

  • Would have been better with Google. Time to ask my friends to start actively using BBM, as completely do not trust FB.

    • Guest123

      BBM would be great, but it’s a dog on Android — sucks up to much ram and slows devices down unless you have a current flagship device.

      • thejd

        I got all my friends to just use Google hangouts on their phone, instead of a clunky program like BBM. It’s tied to G+ but it’s still a good platform. At least, I like it. And the multi person video calls are neat.

        To weigh in on the original question, I think Google would have done better things with the service. I think it would have rolled it into hangouts though and not kept it separate so I can see why the CEO, Jan, didn’t like Google as a buyer. Plus a seat on the board of directors at Facebook is a pretty nice icing on the 19 billion dollar cake.

  • GandangaTororo

    However which way, they are both data miners. Unfortunately it the best means of communicating for people with less data on their mobile.

    • Ravishankar Rai

      Agree with u

    • Guest123

      how you become a billionaire quickly
      1.design an app that will ultimately be great for big tech companies to data mine
      2. give it away freely till it become popular
      3. sell to G, FB, MS. . .
      4. kick back on beach. . .

      • MadCowOnAStick

        the hard part is designing the app

  • himanshu

    i really think google would have done a lot better

  • Frans

    Either Google or Facebook will be the same, they both failed because they tried to force their own social network into their not-so-multiplatform messenger product.

    But out of all potential buyer, why on earth WhatsApp accept FB offers ?

    • Shark Bait

      because it was biggest?

    • Guest123

      I can think of 9 billion reasons why then went with FB..

  • Victor Who

    I don’t think Google needed or needs WhatsApp. The IM space is vulnerable for the taking and from what I can see WhatsApp is nothing more than BBM with a lot more emoji/emoticons. What exactly does WhatsApp have to offer? I’ve used WhatsApp….it’s just ok. If there is one Social Apps that I think Google missed the boat on, it’s Twitter. With WhatsApp…..lol,…..that’s ok, PASS.

  • Groud Frank

    No no no no no no! Google needs to make sensible purchases so that it can improve Android, to make ME happier.

  • satyam

    Whats App will use facebook permission and U can text ur friend on whatsup even if u dont have their number now things can get interesting. Wer else google would Have Made it grapics better and more Easy to use feature’s. But seriously there was no use of selling giving social apps to one person gives privacy problem’s

  • Rohit Naik

    certainly Lets Bring everyone on Whatsapp
    Please be free to share the video among your friends


  • It’s JUST messaging. It’s not worth it.