Looking for an easier way to launch apps on Android Wear? Here is Wear Mini Launcher

by: Jonathan FeistJuly 12, 2014


Wear Mini Launcher AA

The first round of Android Wear devices shipped to consumers this past week, and in true Android nature, Wear customization apps are hitting the Google Play Store. This time out, we’re looking at the Wear Mini Launcher, a custom launcher for your Android Wear powered hardware.

Wear Mini Launcher is a free app, found in the Google Play Store.

The idea behind the new Wear Mini Launcher is, as with all of the other Android Launchers, to provide a different experience to the device. Specifically, Wear Mini Launcher looks to overcome what the developer calls a pain in the default Android Wear launcher, the simple act of opening an app on the device.

Wear Mini Launcher is designed to allow you to launch any app from anywhere.

There is always voice commands to launch apps on your Android Wear device through the default launcher, but for those times where speaking into your watch is not an option, you’re currently forced to do a bunch of scrolling to get to your installed apps. Wear Mini Launcher looks to expedite app launching by providing an edge gesture slide over with links to all of your favorite apps.

Wear Mini Launcher animated AA

Now, keep in mind that this is early software, users are reporting some difficulties using the app, especially with accidentally triggering other actions when activating the pop out. It’s nothing major, just be careful you do not pull down the mute panel or swipe away your active screen.

Head on in to the Google Play Store if you’re ready to give Wear Mini Launcher a go. Don’t forget that you can also check out Google’s curated list of Android Wear ready apps in the Google Play Store.

What do you guys think, did you feel the need for a new app launcher on your LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live?

  • MavDKM

    Google has very much rushed Android Wear to the market. They have not thought twice on any aspect

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  • Benjamin Pavel

    Just to warn people that the developer said that this app might not work flawlessly on Gear Live but will work perfectly on LG G Watch. :)

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  • JustSteve

    Good! Of course I don’t want to adjust my arm and operate the device itself.

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