Watch the Samsung Galaxy S5 livestream and live blog here!

February 24, 2014
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    It’s that time of year ladies and gentlemen! Samsung’s Galaxy S devices have stolen the show the last few years as the world’s most popular Android phone. We’ve seen the leaks and the rumors. We’ve debated, guessed, postulated, and predicted but all that comes to an end today. At 2PM EST Samsung will officially announce the GS5, and we’ll be here to cover it!

    Above you’ll find the video so you can watch the livestream for yourself. You can also join us in the chatbox below to talk about it, and to receive updates as the event progresses. The live blog is especially useful for those that can’t stay tuned to the video for work or whatever reason really. Excited yet? We certainly are!



    • S5-flop

      Galaxy S5, end of Samsung smartphone leadership.

      • MasterMuffin

        Flop? No way! S4 was a slight flop, but S5 will bring something new again with a redesigned UI and great specs (as always (maybe even 64-bit SoC)). Also it will be most likely water proof (we’ll see really soon and hopefully my predictions aren’t that far from the truth)

        • S5-flop

          Have you seen the leaked pic and the UI? Is almost the same as the s4.

          • MasterMuffin

            Leaks are leaks, could be running test software. We’ll see really soon

            edit. I forgot that the time difference changes because we have summer and winter time, so the show is starting in 1h oops >.<

            • me

              Turns out the leaks are true. Sadly no front-facing speakers or much else different.

            • MasterMuffin

              Yup, I had hoped for much bigger UI tweaks (what a troll Samsung, the UI change they were teasing was only for settings :D). Solid device, I missed the CPU and RAM part (if there was one), I’d like to hear if they lost to Sony in terms of raw power

        • Bryan Z

          Yeah highly doubt that the S5 will be the end for samsung but you know I thought they made a waterproof s4 already well a “water resistant” S4

    • MasterMuffin

      Samsung, give as a surprise: front facing speakers!

      • ehndrew

        i highly doubt it..hopefully it will surprise us in other ways

        • MasterMuffin

          I highly doubt it too :)

      • MichaelLand

        You “tchamtchung” man.

    • madone10

      I am the only one that thinks that if Samsung stuck to stock Android they would be even more successful?

      • dogulas

        I think the majority of anyone who knows what they’re talking about feels that way. Many don’t though. It’s almost a shame that Google made Android open-source in my opinion, because it opened the door to so much crap.

      • MasterMuffin

        Uhmm no they wouldn’t

      • JosephHindy

        They wouldn’t. If stock Android were popular then the Nexus phones would’ve sold a lot better. Samsung is obviously doing something with Touchwiz that draws people to it.

        And advertising. Lots of advertising. But advertising still isn’t stock Android. There are stock Android phones out there and they barely make a splash in the market share (smartphones, not tablets).

    • Syd

      Guys we all know the specs let’s face it
      New processors and a lot more

    • Jaime

      Thanks for the Live blog! I can’t watch the stream cause I’m gonna be in a meeting, but will be reading the live blog

    • Abdullah Naji

      I’m so excited for the Galaxy S5, the leaks look good, I don’t know why people say it’s ugly – it’s not!

    • Abdullah Naji

      Guys, it’s a rectangular phone that looks like it’s predecessor, why so surprised? As if the iPhone ever changed every year. At least the back is less of a glossy plastic and seems more like a soft touch matte-finish.

    • dogulas

      How are you supposed to view that Galaxy Fit display the way it’s oriented on your wrist?

    • JZ Aamir

      Goodbye Samsung! It’s either Z2 or M8 for me! Samsung screwed up the design while adding features which could have been placed right. Not the mention the Camera’s hump. Fugly!

    • oldmoney

      am i the only one notice that they seem that they change dropbox to box.

    • Kundan Srivastava

      Samsung Galaxy S5 is a flagship
      device that continues the legacy of its predecessors. The device is loaded with
      features which recreate the benchmarks for what a mobile device can do. The
      waterproof and dust-proof features make the device even sturdier. The Samsung
      Galaxy S5 is stylish, smart, sturdy and innovative. Go for it.