All we hear from Apple users, and especially from the poor souls that chose an iPhone4S over a Galaxy Nexus or any of the other leading Android devices, is how cool Siri is. Siri that, Siri this, we get it, you love your virtual personal assistant.

But Google has its own voice recognition technology – Google Voice Actions, which lets you send texts, fire up your GPS navigator, or go to a website simply by telling you phone to do it. Sure, it’s not Siri. Google Voice Actions is not designed to be an intelligent assistant, nor does Google claim that the Voice Actions app is a match for Siri. But that doesn’t mean that Google Voice Actions can’t do a hell of a good job, and even leave the much-hyped Siri in the dust.

Especially when it comes to simple actions (that GVA was designed to handle in the first place), Google’s voice app and the entire Android UI are way faster than Siri. See for yourself, in these videos from Motorola, where three of Big M’s Android devices are pitched against the iPhone 4S.

First, it’s the ATRIX 2.

Next, the PHOTON 4G.

And then, the Electrify.

As you can see for yourself, no problems whatsoever in beating Siri at its own game. Google Voice Actions is notably faster at executing various commands than Siri, regardless of the device. In some cases, the Droids finish several seconds faster than the iPhone. You can almost feel poor Siri’s embarrassment. And the iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi, so Apple fans can’t claim that it’s a matter of 3G vs. 4G.

Now, we should all be reasonable and hand it to Apple when they hit the mark. Siri is much more than a voice recognition software. After all, Steve Jobs wouldn’t have bought the makers of the first Siri app to get a simple voice command tool.

But, guess what, Apple? Google is coming fast from behind. How fast? How about an AI that passes the Turing Test 93% of the time, over a one hour IM session? In other words, after chatting for one hour with Google’s AI, you won’t be able to tell whether you’ve talked to a computer or to a human, 93 times out of 100!

And Google’s amazing AI is coming to Android in the near future. The future intelligent assistant in your Droid is presumably codenamed Majel, after Majel Barret-Roddenberry, the actress who played the voice of the Enterprise computer in the Star Trek series. Nice touch, Google!

To leave you with a smile, check out this hilarious Siri parody. If only more people could have a voice of reason tucked in their smartphone… the world would be a better place. And don’t forget to leave feedback – do you think that Google can outdo Siri?

Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • Clell


    • Send it to all iPhone owners. You will definitely not make their day. Definitely.

      • rokmc

        i 10000000000000000000000000 that !! Lol

      • DiarrheaOfAnneFrank

        most iphone users use the iphone because they like the iphone.. i dont think getting trolled will bother them in any way.. troll..

        • NYnative

          I 100% agree with you Diarrhea. I own an IPhone4s and I just like the phone. I switched from a Droid which I did have more problems with but that doesn’t mean I would never switch back. A phone is a phone. And Siri is not all that. I hardly ever use the feature unless we’re just messing around.

  • andrewjuel27

    Haha awesome article

  • Darktanone

    The Siri style videos will start showing up soon enough. Another example of Motorola putting its foot in its mouth.

    • Spoken Word™

      You’re obviously no Nostradamus. 4 months later and there hasn’t been even 1 Motorola voice actions video.

  • LabWerX

    This article states that you can send texts with GVA. Well you can’t send texts with GVA, only your finger can send texts as you still need to press the send button. GVA is not that intelligent at navigating where you say either. Most of the time it has an interim pop up with “did you mean” kind of stuff in which you need to select the same place you want to navigate to that you just said.

    • Spoken Word™

      Patently false in regards to “most of the time it has an interim pop up with “did you mean” kind of stuff. Have you ever actually used it? I use both GVA and Siri regularly and GVA rarely ever asks me what I meant, it simply provides the right answer.

  • bcsc

    That is just fantastic. I hate apple.


      ME TOO!

  • Gregory Opera


    Wake me up when voice recognition – ANY of them – can actually recognize the Australian accent with an 80%+ success rate…

    • Croikie mate would you check out this beautiful crocodile.

      • werf

        HAHAHA i love it when poeple stereotype us, and thats not even sarcasm. I find it hilarious how people think we all live in the desert

        • JJ

          So your saying Australia isnt a giant desert?? Hmm, i blame TV.

    • Rijas

      Wake up idiot. Google Now has arrived :p

  • In anyway, it’s always made to help us live a better life, right? :)

  • Knowles2

    It all but confirm Majel is real and probably have move from a Google X project to one preparing to be release into the wild. Through probably a year or two away from an actual real world release.

    We know that Craig Nevill-Manning, has spent the last 9 months working on it.From this article

    I suspect, Amit Singhal knowledge graph project will also be a major piece of the project. But he admitted even Google infrastructure would have difficulty running such a such engine at the moment.

    This could be Google first attempt to completely rebuild Google entire search engine from ground up and it seem that Craig has been given complete control of the project.

  • Shahrukh Kibriya

    Siri is gr8…
    Google should improve its google voice…

    • Spoken Word™

      What does Google Voice have to do with this conversation? Google Voice isn’t a voice assistant genius, it’s a voice-mail and calling system!

  • mumbo

    I don’t even think that Australians can recognize each other with an 80%+ success rate…