Here’s something AndroidPit recently shared:

Apparently, Andy Rubin (the founder of Android) was a former employee at Apple. He worked in the company of his biggest rival as their Manufacturing Engineer during the time of 1989-1992. After 11 years, Rubin founded Android. A couple of years later, he became Google’s Senior VP of Mobile.

Even though it was typical for people to bounce between companies, Rubin’s 3-year stint at Apple may be the reason why Steve Jobs felt such an intense hatred for Android. What’s even more interesting is that Steve Jobs was quoted that Android is a ‘stolen piece of software.’ Considering that Rubin used to report to inventors of the same 263 realtime API patent which Apple is suing HTC for, the story becomes more interesting.

Many would assume that Rubin stole the idea for Android from Apple. But at the same time, people would also comment that these companies are always patterning ideas after one another—to the point where the original is no longer identifiable. But either way, it is unrealistic for Rubin to steal Android since the creation of a mobile OS was still a decade away from the time he worked in Apple. Even when comparing the two OS, one can instantly see how different they are from each other. For one thing, Apple is a completely closed unit, while Android is open source. Apple limits user control, while Android gives users root access to theme, overclock, customize and root their OS.


So yes, we don’t think Rubin stole Android. What about you?

Christine Torralba
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  • AppleFUD

    Apple started looking into a “smartphone” a few years after they developed the iPod–Jobs seen that cell phones were starting to take the place of the ipod and thus knew they had to do something. In his bio it’s discussed how they even tried to get the ipod to be a phone–yeah, a real inventive company there, any idiot could have told them that the click wheel wouldn’t work for a phone.

    Furthermore, The co-founders of Google were looking into developing a “mobile internet connected device” (2001ish) right after they started Google–they carried around the Sidekick everywhere they went–don’t you think they shared that info with Jobs since they were BFFs back then?

    Jobs was always a massive hypocrite and a blatant thief. While at a retreat with the original Mac team he was asked by one of the engineers if they should feel guilty for “stealing” IP (NO, apple did NOT pay a licensing fee for the IP. . . they paid for a “demo” only) form Xerox. Jobs replied to everyone with the famous Picasso quote and followed it up with a rationalization that Xerox was clueless and didn’t know what they were doing, and therefore, apple needed to do something with the IP because they were going to change the world. In other words, it’s OK to steal someone else’s IP if you plan to “change the world,” according to Jobs anyway.

    This is all quoted on-line and easy to find ;)

    So, maybe Rubin did use an API so that he could “change the world” but by no means does that make an entire OS stolen. Especially since OS X is based on an open-sourced OS (BSD) as is Linux/Android. Furthermore, we have to remember that software patents were NOT granted very frequently pre 1990, thus it is most likely the case that the API in question originated somewhere else like most everything in apple’s software portfolio.

    All this is just typical apple hypocrisy–trying to throw mud at anyone and everyone else so one one bothers to look at them to see that they are in fact the ones covered in mud.

    • AppleFUD

      Everyone should watch that series, especially fanboys! Still waiting for part 4 to come

      thanks for reminding me about it!


    So between 1999 – 2003 when he was the CEO of Danger and they were putting out those REALLY popular Sidekick handsets … why didn’t Apple sue him then? Why didn’t the pundits accuse him of lifting Apple IP during this time? Because Apple really had NOTHING on the drawingboard for the iPhone WHEN he was there. This whole crusade of Apple’s against Android is STRICTLY between those that have C’s before their names and how THEY had a falling out. IT has NOTHING to do with if Android kinda looks like iOS .. Gnome/KDE stole from Windows and Windows stole back .. and Apple swiped from Android and Microsoft swiped from Apple .. when features become super popular .. they make their way around in some form.

    Again, why wasn’t Danger sued out of existence before Ruben could jump into the venture that created Android. Just sayin’.

    • AppleFUD

      yep! If I remember right, it was about 2003 that apple started mucking about with the ipod to make it into a phone/ipod–funniest story in Jobs’ biography. Just imagine an ipod that’s a phone with the ipod click wheel to enter names, dial number, etc. . . but they worked on it for some time till they gave up and decided to use the “tablet” that was being developed–and how did they come up with that? Oh, Steve had a dinner with Bill Gates and an employee who ran off at the mouth about Microsoft having this “tablet” they had been working on (can we say courier tablet anyone?–actually there was an entire project being developed for tablets using a significantly different version of windows that was going to be all touch UI similar to what the ipad & Win8 ended up being but Ballmer and Gates thought it undermined Windows so the killed it.), so Steve J. ran back to apple to create. . . I mean innovate, ah no, I mean. . . copy the idea.

      No one hates a thief more than a thief.

  • Commentard

    Its funny that the only thing Apple didn’t copy from Xerox was the tiled-interface, and now Microsoft is basing their phones on that….

  • Anonymous

    It has been 20 years since he worked at Apple. Any patented work he copied onto floppy discs and later used in Android will have expired by now.

  • Metro123geo

    The only thing wrong with this article is the question it is asking.

  • Rwc Fpa

    If someone steals the “source” what difference does it make if it’s open or closed. It’s still stolen.

    • Luke

      Because you can not steal something that is open source dumb ass.

  • Bobby Ray

    Reality distortion field