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An internal Walmart memo advising company employees about the upcoming Galaxy S4 pre-order process has apparently been leaked revealing that the retailer could start Galaxy S4 pre-sales as soon as Tuesday, April 16.

Sent to Phone Arena, the memo can’t be confirmed at this time, as Walmart is yet to announce pre-order details for Samsung’s flagship smartphone. However, if this is indeed an actual Walmart memo, then interested buyers should be able to pre-order the handset in a couple of days from Walmart retail stores.

The document calls the Galaxy S4 “the biggest phone launch for this year in wireless,” and offers additional details about the pre-order process as follows:

  • Launch dates for this product have not been announced and vary by carrier
  • Walmart is allowing customers to reserve their SGS4 on multiple carriers starting Tuesday, April 16 through a pre-sell program
  • The pre-order cards arrive in your store Monday, April 15 via FedEx with the attached orange label
  • A guide explaining the pre-sell program and launch details will be sent to your store via Event Calendar Plus Week 12.

We’ll certainly be on the lookout for more details regarding the Walmart Galaxy S4 pre-order process, as we expect the retailer to properly announce Galaxy S4 availability details in the very near future, especially if this is a real company memo. We will note that the document (or the part of it in the photo below) doesn’t provide any pricing or shipping details for the Galaxy S4 pre-orders and doesn’t say what Galaxy S4 versions (by carrier) Walmart would make available.


Meanwhile, we’re going to remind you that the Galaxy S4 is already available for pre-order in the U.S. from AT&T and U.S. Cellular, while T-Mobile has also announced availability details for the handset. However, Verizon and Sprint are yet to announce their Galaxy S4 launch plans at this time. You can read more about Galaxy S4 pre-orders and launches for a variety of markets in our handy guide here.

  • deepen03

    the phone isn’t available for pre-order from any carriers until Tuesday.. that is FALSE.

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