Waiting for a deluge of Google Glass details from next week’s hackatons? Not gonna happen

by: Bogdan PetrovanJanuary 26, 2013

google glass girl

Google has planned two Project Glass “hackatons” for next week, but attending developers will be bound by some pretty restricting NDAs.

The hackatons are called Google Glass Foundry events, and will take place in New York and San Francisco in the last days of January. Google has sent out invitations to developers who signed up for the Glass Explorer program and pre-ordered the innovative head-mounted device for the princely sum of $1500.

It’s not clear at this point if all developers on the Explorer wait list have been invited to attend, but one thing is for sure – those who get to play with Google’s futuristic toy will be bound by very restrictive non-disclosure agreements. ReadWrite got the scoop on the NDAs, and revealed some of the highlights, including:

  • Glass Forge attendees will get to take the devices home, but they agree not to let other people use them.
  • All the images and video taken with the Glass will be Google’s property.
  • Developers will receive special Google Plus accounts where all the media recorded with the Glass will be automatically uploaded.
  • Developers are asked not to use the Glass while driving, playing sports, or even while working down the street.
  • As you’d expect, developers are strictly forbidden to talk to media about the Google Glass or show images or video recorded with the device to anyone, without Google’s express consent.

We’ll have to see whether all developers will adhere to the strict terms of the NDA, or some information will leak to the press in the following days. You can guess what we are rooting for! Stay tuned, we’ll bring you all the little tidbits that emerge next week about the Google Glass.

  • Google Glass is a cool idea, but the trick is to not make it 1000bucks and for it to catch on. If it was around $200 then maybe i would dig it, but the price for this thing is outrageous! And i would like to know how this integrates with my phone, if it just shows calls and texts, weather, maps, then what is the point? does this thing have a mic and earpiece? can i use it as a bluetooth headset? i just don’t see the point of this. More cars would be crashing if people used these in cars. If Google can convince me that it’s possible to integrate this into my life – without any personal damage, like eyesight deterioration, then MAYBE this could be a hit. But again how hard is it to pull out your phone?

    • Peterson Silva

      They’d explicitly said this first price has nothing to do with the consumer price :-)

      • i know, but i doesn’t matter! these things will go for around the price of a Laptop!

    • dogulas

      It will probably eventually be around $200 once early adopting is done. It’s not a phone, it’s the accessory. And yes it has a mic and audio. It IS a bluetooth headset. Also, it’s not meant to replace your phone. You will be pulling out your phone, just not quite as often. It’s meant to let you free your eyes from having to look down to see what notifications you’re getting, to be able to take pictures without being distracted, and to make you less bound by your technology.

  • Peterson Silva

    Some of these are quite silly. Not let others try it? How would Google control this kind of stuff? If I were a developer and I thought it was safe to do so, I’d go all LOL and let the whole of my family try it on.

    • point is, you’d use it for 5 min then dump it in the bin.

      • Peterson Silva

        Oh, come on, don’t be so mean :) This could actually be really cool ^^

    • It’s because it’s not FCC approved, so they can only let “testers” use it.

      • Peterson Silva

        Oh, it all makes sense now. Thanks!

  • lrd555

    Don’t hold your breath. This nerdy looking crap ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. Waste of money. More hype than substance.

    Hey, did Google ever mention how many Nexus tablets it sold last quarter? Or are they following in Samdung’s footsteps any letting the idiots guess @ the “billions” shipped????