Here are 35 voice search queries you can try on your device – video

by: Bogdan PetrovanSeptember 10, 2013


 You might remember this video from the summer of last year, where Canadian tech enthusiast Jean-Louis Nguyen put Google’s voice search functionality through more than 40 queries.

If you thought that video was impressive, the next video will probably blow your mind. Nguyen is back at it with 35 new challenges that our favorite search engine passes with flying colors. This new video is focused on the functionality that Google added over the past 12 months, including stuff like nutritional information for food, traffic information, business hours, phone numbers, and setting reminders.

Perhaps the most impressive ability of Google voice search is the capability to recognize that the user is referring to a topic touched in a previous query. For instance, in the video Nguyen ask Google who is the mayor of Chicago, and then proceeds to ask about “his” age, rather than formulating the question like “How old is Rahm Emanuel?” This might look like a small feature, but conversational search is a big step towards having a virtual assistant that users can interact with in a truly natural language.

Do you use Google voice search regularly? What are your favorite features? Tell us in the comments.

  • James Mercer

    I hate to say it but most of this stuff doesn’t work outside the US. I have no idea why google doesn’t just make it work everywhere…I mean it is all algorithm based isn’t it?

    • Markus Ressel

      I just tried to set an alarm with Google Now on my Galaxy Nexus in Germany and it just did a f****** Google search… Switched Voice to “English” and suddenly it worked flawlessly :(
      I hate Google for keeping such a great feature from being useful in my native language. Even if I try to use it in english, well … try to say a german name, street, building or whatever in english and make google now understand what you mean… it’s just not possible.
      Please Google, do something about that!

      • James Mercer

        But UK English is not even a massively different thing from US English. There is no reason I can think of why conversational search shouldn’t work in the UK.

  • billnozick

    Needs readable list.

  • A.M

    pretty nice like what it can do

  • dayanandan

    It’s work just only 50%..sometime work really well but when I need urgent not working properly..but it’s ok medium..pls keep updating..I using this app in India Bangalore city