Vodafone offering free 32-inch TV with Sony Xperia Z2 pre-orders

by: Andrew GrushMarch 10, 2014

Last month we reported on Clove’s free speaker and noise cancelling handset offer for those planning to pre-order the Sony Xperia Z2. While this wasn’t a bad deal, UK carrier Vodafone’s offer blows this out of the water.

If you pre-order the Z2 between now and April 9th, Vodafone is giving away a 32-inch Sony LED TV as a promotional offer. The catch is that the television set will only be given to the first 3,000 folks that pre-order, so you might want to jump on this one quickly. Vodafone plans to ship out the Xperia Z2 come April 10th, and is offering the handset for free with monthly tariffs beginning at £42 for unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data.

For more details on the pre-order offer, you’ll want to head on over to Vodafone’s website. As for those looking to learn more about the Xperia Z2? Be sure to check out our first impressions of the device in the videos below:

What do you think, anyone planning on picking up the Xperia Z2 via Vodafone in the UK?

  • Amine Elouakil

    Well that’s one hell of a value offer! even if 32″ TVs cost close to nothing nowadays, it’s still a Sony branded TV

    • Be Cool

      “32” TVs cost close to nothing”
      Production price is same as Z2.

      • le_lutin

        I think he meant compared to what they used to cost.

  • Luka Mlinar

    This is nothing new to Sony. They always have something like this. They offered a PSP with a Z here and also there was this one offer where if you buy a high end phone you get an xperia E free. I like that, Samsung never gives you free stuff. They would make you pay for the S-pen if they could.

    • Be Cool

      Actually only Samsung give Wacom Pen for free. Almost all other OEMs sell the pens, additionally .
      In many places when you buy Samsung smart TV, you get Galaxy Tab for free.

  • Be Cool

    Wow. This is pathetic.LOL
    Is that the way, Sony wanna show “how good” is Z2?

    • le_lutin

      It’s called marketing. Welcome to planet earth.