Vodafone UK offers some sweet HTC One X and One S deals in anticipation of the Galaxy S3

by: AdrianMay 2, 2012
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While everybody’s waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S3 unveiling event set to take place in London in just a couple of days, HTC seems to be doing everything possible to steal some of that attention. Vodafone UK has just dropped the HTC One X and S prices on contract, and, if you’re looking to upgrade to a mid-range or high-end Android smartphone right now, you should definitely check the operator’s sweet, sweet deals!

Both HTC handhelds are available for free on two-year contracts and monthly plans now start at £31, for the One S, and £36, for the One X in white. Both plans are five quid cheaper than before, but they still include a hefty 600 minutes, unlimited texts, and 1 GB of data (for the One X) and 300 minutes, unlimited texting, and 500 MB of data (the One S).

It’s hard to say exactly what drove Vodafone UK to cut the prices of two of the most exciting and cool Android-based smartphones so soon after their release. Nevertheless, I think it’s safe to assume that it has to do, at least in some small part, with the S3’s imminent unveiling and the incredible amount of hype Samsung has managed to build around it.

On the other hand, who cares why Vodafone is offering these deals? To get the HTC One S and X for free with pretty decent plans is a steal, no matter how you look at it. We should all be thankful that operators are sometimes coming with such bargains for freshly released high-end handhelds.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of either of the two special offers, you should know that they will be running for a limited time only. May 13 is Vodafone’s deadline, so there’s plenty of time to quickly check out Samsung’s announcement on Thursday, but not enough time to wait for the S3’s official release to decide between it and HTC’s One duo. You can get the offer here.

How about it, folks? Will you be looking to buy one of HTC’s elegant and snappy smartphones in the next couple of weeks? Or are you going to completely ignore any other phone than the Galaxy S3?

  • Tom

    If you live in the US and are a T-Mobile customer you may be able to get the HTC One S for FREE as well. There are reports of people with expiring contracts in July threatening to cancel and getting the phone for free with no activation etc. You can find more details here

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