Vodafone’s Galaxy S3 getting Jelly Bean update today

by: Bams SadewoOctober 22, 2012

It’s safe to assume that owners of Samsung Galaxy S3 on Vodafone won’t be hit with a bout of the blue Mondays. As expected, the wireless carrier has started pushing out the Android 4.1 update for the Galaxy S3 today.

Following Samsung’s confirmation that all UK-based Galaxy S3 smarphones will be getting Jelly Bean in the coming weeks, Vodafone was the second mobile operator in the country to serve Google’s latest and greatest mobile operating system. Remarkably, there’s no hint of a delay and the software upgrade seems to be rolling out smoothly.

Seeing that it’s being released in batches, you may not receive an update notification on your device right away, and it may take several days or more for the new firmware to reach everyone. If you don’t see any over-the-air prompt yet to download and install the file, it’s worth connecting your beloved Galaxy S3 to your PC and use Kies software to manually check for the update.

For the most part, there doesn’t seem to be any major complaints from folks who have made the jump to Jelly Bean. Nevertheless, we’d love to hear some live reports from our readers. Are you loving JB on your phone? Or simply liking it?

  • Mark

    Weel I’m, not liking it. Bluetooth controls cause the S3 to turn the ringer back up full and all notifications. And it breaks all proper car docks – even the official Samsung one. It won’t even charge the phone (I tested with a non-upgraded S3 on ICS and dock does work still). This was a known pre-release bug as well!