Vodafone Android Phone comes with Mariposa Malware

March 10, 2010
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    An article at Internet Storm Center published yesterday warns of  Malware on the HTC Hagic. Panda Security came across the infection when one of their employees baught a brand new Vodafone Android device and plugged it into their Windows based computer. Analysis of the malware revealed that it was a Mariposa bot client. In a blog post at Panda Security, researcher Pedro Bustamante said, “Here is yet another example of a company distributing malware to its userbase. Unfortunately it probably won’t be the last”.

    Bustamante noted that when a colleague/friend of his hooked up the Vodafone HTC Magic to her PC, their Panda based AV software detected both an autorun.inf and autorun.exe as malicious.  In a rather blunt comment, Bustamante asks:

    “There’s also a Confiker and a Lineage password stealing malware. I wonder who’s doing QA at Vodafone and HTC these days,”

    From a consumer standpoint, it will be interesting to see if anyone loses faith in Vodafone for their complete lack of security in this matter, and as of now, no official statement.