Much to the dismay of many eager buyers, Vizio has suspended taking preorders for its highly anticipated Google TV set top box, the Co-Star, due to high demand.

The good news of today is you can now stop scouring the web for second-hand units. The Vizio Co-Star Stream Player is now back up for pre-order on the company’s online store, and it’s being offered at the same affordable price of $99. The expected shipping date for this current batch is October 1, unlike the September 17 date that the previous batch has been promised to get. But a two-week wait for the box isn’t that bad.

In case you need more reasons to get it, we’ve recently reviewed the Co-Star during one of our Google Hangout sessions. We’ve talked about our impression of the device, how to get it up and running, its software and user interface, as well as some essential apps for the Google TV box.

If the above review and the remote control/gamepad combo that the Co-Star Stream Player comes with have failed to excite you, there’s another sub-$100 Google TV device that should be on your radar, the yet-to-be-named offering from Hisense. But there’s no word yet on its release date.

Anyone planning to take the plunge? Those who have the Co-Star already, what’s your impression of the set top box?

Bams Sadewo
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  • Dave Wright

    Warning about VIzio Co-Star – READ THIS BEFORE YOU BUY IT. I ordered – not pre-ordered–it said they were in stock. 5 weeks later I get my co-star and it’s a piece of crap. Firmware is completely broken and underdeveloped. It took me 2 hours to login and setup the dumb thing. I never could get my netflix account activated on it. You search for something and it can’t even respond to the typing. I type in my email, and it types a thousand g’s in a row, and you can’t stop it. Have to back out and try again.

    I emailed customer support. They say sorry, please call for customers support. Hassle!! So i call, and after waiting on hold to get their “proud to be in South Dakota Customer Service” i get nothing but attitude and ill-treatment from customer service.

    He said under no circumstances, even though it’s defective, will they return the product without charging me 10% restocking fee and return shipping. Such a pile of BS – they send me a product with broken firmware and then charge me to return it.

    My first experience with Vizio — and my last. Save yourself the trouble–go buy the Sony Google TV! Or get a Tivo. Or a Roku–do anything but waste your time and money on Vizion Co-Star.