Virgin Mobile offers T-Mobile customers $100 to switch to its unlimited plans

by: Bogdan BeleApril 9, 2013

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile thinks it can do better than T-Mobile’s UnCarrier plans, which is why it has started an aggressive campaign to attract T-Mobile customers to its unlimited plans and offering them $100 worth of credit in the process. The campaign has a pretty strange ad, featuring The Flaming Lips’ lead singer Wayne Coyne and inviting users to “retrain their brain”.

An example for the offer, as you can see in the image below, includes, just like the T-Mobile plan it’s compared to, unlimited data, messages and talk time, as well as 4G, but also gets the customer $100 in credit and costs $55 a month instead of the $60 of the T-Mobile plan. More than that, the Samsung Galaxy SII 4G is cheaper by $114.

Virgin Mobile Retrain Your Brain

You don’t have to pick the $55 plan Virgin Mobile, though, as plans in the offer start at $35, and you can choose from a bunch of other smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G or the HTC One V. As for the $100, you’ll get it as credit once you’ve bought a phone, switched your T-Mobile number and made a payment (the offer lasts until May 31st).

And even if you don’t decide to switch, the ad is still well worth watching:

What do you think about Virgin Mobile’s offer?

  • Kevin

    Would consider if Virgin mobile had a better selection of phones. T-Mobile has stepped their game up. If virgin wants to compete they better get better phones

  • I’m happy with Virgin Mobile’s service but disappointed in their selection of phones. They don’t seem to update Android on their current phones either.

    • fixxmyhead

      u must not care about speed then. sprints network is garbage

      • I live in an area with 75k residents and the only data service you get here on T-Mobile is Edge, about half of the area already has 4G LTE on Sprint/Virgin. Edge=Worse than Sprint 3G speed.

        • fixxmyhead

          virgin mobile doesnt get LTE they get the failed 4g wiimax which is only in some markets but in most cases tmobiles Edge is sometimes faster than sprints 3g. ive seen plenty of screenshots and complaints from xda users where they get anywhere from .02-100 kb on sprints garbage 3g network

          • Virgin Mobile is currently advertising 4G LTE on select phones on their website. Maybe you should give them another look.

          • fixxmyhead

            “select phones” aka crappy ones. I got a nexus 4 so no thanks and I’m on that 30$ tmobile plan so I’m pretty good. My speeds are between 20-25mbps so I’m good