Virgin Mobile holiday promotion offers up to $100 off on select prepaid smartphones

by: Andrew GrushDecember 19, 2012

Virgin Mobile

Looking to escape from your contract-based carrier this holiday season? Now is a great time to switch to Virgin Mobile, thanks to a new promotion that offers up to $100 off on select prepaid handsets.

When it comes to prepaid devices, you often end up paying a pretty penny up front but save long-term on cheaper plans and the flexibility to turn off your phone plan when you don’t need it. Luckily, you don’t have to pay a lot for your new prepaid phone if you pick up a handset between now and January 3rd or 7th, depending on the phone.

So what kinds of deals are we talking about here? There are eight handsets on sale, with the highest discount being $100 off on the HTC Evo V 4G, which normally retails for $250. The next best deal is $80 off on the Motorola Triumph which brings its price from $280 to $200.

Looking for a really cheap entry handset? The LG Optimus Slider is just $40 thanks to the $10 discount. For a full list of all eight handsets on sale, click on the source link below.

So what do you think, willing to give Virgin Mobile a chance thanks to this amazingly low entry prices or will you stick with your contract carrier for the time being?

  • VMSupoter

    I’m trying to get a htc evo v, but there are too many people give me bad reviews. I hope virgin mobile won’t disappoint me, and hopefully I’ll get it by Christmas.

    • Mr Tech

      I own the htc evo V, (which btw I paid $240 just 4 months ago). i rooted it within 1st week of purchase. best phone I’ve owned. absolutely no regrets. tho VM/Sprint service coverage not as prominent in my area (Los Angeles) as my previous carrier; Verizon, I am able to use my cell when needed. again, no regrets. a very well-made phone. PS. is you go with Virgin, get the lowest cost plan and then purchase Spare Phone on Play Store for $3 and make VoIP calls to by pass your carrier minutes pool :o)) happy holidays!!

      • Rick

        I downloaded Spare Phone and for some reason, on WiFi, it’ll ring, and then when some one picks up neither person can be heard. Do you have any recommendation for that?

        • VMSupoter

          This might help you. “Note: To use 3G, 4G you must enable it in the settings of Spare Phone.”