Vine is already a great way to share short video clips with the world, but a new app update is about to make the experience even better by introducing Vine messages.

The Vine Messages system is a new communication feature that allows you to sent direct Vine video messages to anyone, even those that aren’t part of the Vine community. To send Vines to non-members, you can use their email address or send them via SMS.

Aside from allowing you to share videos with the new messaging system, you can also start a conversation around it and friends can respond directly to the video message and add comments of their own. This allows for much deeper conversations than the one line comment system used on public videos.

While the Vine messaging system is the biggest change heading to the new update, the change-log also mentions that you can now customize your profile with colors. There’s several bug fixes and performance improvements promised as well.

To grab the latest version of Vine you’ll want to head on over to Google Play. For those that have already tried the new Vine Messages feature, what do you think so far?

Andrew Grush
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