Vine Android app officially coming to Google Play Store, no release date yet

by: Bogdan BeleApril 26, 2013

Vine Android app

A Vine Android app must be one of the most awaited things by Android users, ever since Instagram finally got to our beloved platform. The good news is that it’s finally coming to the Google Play Store.

While Vine may not be anything incredible, (after all, it’s an app that allows you to create six-second videos), the Twitter-owned app has gathered quite a following between iOS users, being the number one free app in Apple’s App Store at the moment.

Clues pointing to a Vine Android app have been out ever since February, when the company has started looking for a lead Android engineer. Why would anyone do that, unless they were developing an Android app? Well, the fact that a Vine Android app is on its way is now officially confirmed by Dom Hofmann, one of Vine’s co-creators.

Speaking at the Tribeca Film Festival, an event in which Vine has its own category (it’s really that popular), Hofmann said that an Android app would be “coming soon.” While he didn’t give an exact date, that can only mean that things are going in the right direction.

Of course, there are Android alternatives, such as Cinemagram, but the real thing is always what everyone’s waiting for and, hopefully, the wait will be a very short one.

Do you think Vine will be a success on Android? Are you looking forward to it?

  • Chris Mullins

    I mean, it’s not like Android controls a majority of the marketshare, or is super easy to code being open-source and all. Oh wait, it is those things. So Twitter just hires crappy devs?

    • GrapeVideoApp

      Keep an eye on GrapeVideoApp. Currently our Beta allows creating and sharing Vine-style video animations but we’re quickly expanding.

      • Chris Mullins

        Vine beat you to it.

  • Emone Savoy

    Come one lets hurry up and make it soon let the android users have as well

  • Robert Bolden

    products and service that is the name of the game

  • “Do you think Vine will be a success on Android? Are you looking forward to it?” Yes and yes.

  • Honestly, I can’t wait for this to be released. Watching the videos on Twitter gets old fast, instead of having it all streamlined in one app.

  • yamommi

    it’s about damn time. it’s annoying how apple has all the sick apps and we get fucked on the play store.