How to Install SuperVillian Rom on your HTC Sensation

by: AlexanderJanuary 6, 2012
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For those of us with the HTC Sensation, there are a lot of ICS ROM’s available for us to use and abuse now. The latest to hit XDA is SuperVillian, which is from the VillianROM team of developers. Earlier today we wrote about How to install VillianROM on your Galaxy Nexus. SuperVillian ROM is another Senseless ROM, meaning the developer has ripped almost all of Sense completely out of the skin, it is also based on the leaked ICS RUU that all these Sense 3.5 and Ice Cream Sandwich ROM’s have been built from. This is version 1.0 so I am sure there are some bugs as always with new ROM’s.

According to the developer on XDA:

-Speed and caching improvements
-1.5 GHZ CPU frequency
-AOSP Apps – Thanks Hawke84
-Sense mostly stripped away
-SebastianFM’s 1.5GHz Kernel

-Everything I think…

Known Issues:
-Long first boot.
-Process crashes after setup wizard completes, doesn’t seem to occur again.

Now for the fun part! Flashing your new Senseless SuperVillian ICS ROM.

  1. Download the ROM from XDA Developers.
  2. Put the .zip file onto your SD Card.
  3. Reboot into Recovery – Power off, then hold the Power button and the Volume down button.
  4. Once in a recovery, make a backup if you want. If not proceed to step 5.
  5. Select the “Wipe/Factory Reset” option
  6. Wipe Data and Cache
  7. Wipe Cache
  8. Wipe Dalvik Cache
  9. Wipe Battery Stats
  10. Go back to the main menu and select “Install from SD Card”
  11. Then select “Choose .zip from SD Card”
  12. Select “Install”
  13. Once installation is complete reboot.

With most new ROM installs the first boot may take quite a while because the dalvik cache has to be written. So be patient. Once booted up, you now have SuperVillian v1.0 featuring Ice Cream Sandwich on your sensational Sensation, I know you’ve heard that a million times but I had to say it.

Hit up the comments and let us know what you think of this ROM.

  • Indocott

    Already 30 minutes reboot?

    • Amilcarpe

      man hello what did u think about this rom work yes or no i have 30 minutes too
      and nothing hapened’

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone reply here?
    It never booted into ICS, had to restore old ROM!

    • It isn’t our ROM so it is hard to give you solutions. But if you click the source link you can go to the ROM’s thread on XDA where the developer team is there to help you out.

  • Indocott

    Thanks for the reply, I gave up, but it seems like it would be a great.
    I’m sure it’s my error, I just don’t know what I did, I feel I graduated from noob school……LOL
    Thanks again…..Jeff

  • Bjrodney11

    can not open the operating system the rom needs to be flashed. How is it done and who would do it for me.
    Smartless in Mississauga