The Pebble is a wonderful piece of wearable tech and Josh (along with every other Android Pebble user) has been anticipating the new firmware and app store release. We might not have gotten a full release... this week, but the beta definitely shows what we could look forward to in Pebble world!

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Join Jayce as he talks about how to get adobe flash to work on your android device, do extended battery cases truly work, and the easiest way to save device RAM.

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Adobe Flash: Battery Extenders:

Here we are again, giving you the reasons to buy or pass on the Sony Xperia Z1 and the Z1S found on T-Mobile.

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What are the best big Android phones? There’s a few exceptional ones. Check them out! In this video, we compare the biggest and the best. We take a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the... Oppo N1, Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra, and the HTC One Max! Which is best? Check it out!

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The highly talked about EverythingMe Launcher left beta and was officially released today so we decided to check it out and see how it works.

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Jayce shares possible reasons for Google’s sale of Motorola , and at least one point that has not been talked about eslewhere. Wiill the Google-Samsung licensing deal spell the end of the Nexus... line?

Samsung to scale back its Android customizations



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The Moto X… Now

by 7 months ago

We return to the Moto X, looking at how Josh’s daily driver has held up months after he got it. We also look at why it’s one of the current Android favorites, even if some news this past... week has somewhat unsettled us. This is the Moto X, now.

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Join Jayce as he talks about the best Android phone under $400.00 for 2014, how to best optimize the life of your phon’es battery, and Qualcomms vs. MediaTek’s System on a Chip.

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In this week’s episode of Google Play Weekly we’re going to talk about the NSA and Angry Birds, some great updates to NVIDIA’s TegraZone, the announcement of a Star Wars card game,... and 5 Android apps you can’t miss this week!

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