Sony QX Lenses: First Look

by: Joshua VergaraSeptember 5, 2013

We all knew about the Sony lenses that attach to Xperia phones, but not only was the announcement still exciting, one feature in particular was very interesting. Josh gives you a first look at the Sony QX Lenses.


  • John Mungo

    I really truly hate Sony. like, so much I refuse to own a single Sony product. Sony makes me want to kill people I hate them so passionately. I am an amateur photographer, and I have to say this is awesome. This would be a he’ll of a lot simpler than carrying around my thirty pounds of camera gear when I just want to snap a few pictures of my son and dogs at the park. I will wait until Canon or Nikon comes out with this type of product though. seriously, I refuse to buy Sony. They overcharge and severely under deliver for every single product I have ever seen them release. This is a great idea, but I bet Sony, like always overcharges and under delivers no matter what this guy says about them.