LG G2 Price, Android 4.3 updates, Galaxy Note 3 Features and more – AA Q&A

August 1, 2013


    Kris is answering questions about the LG G2′s price, when the Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 update is coming and much more in this installment of AA Q&A.

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    Colin says: I just got a Galaxy S4 Active, and I know that Samsung makes a wireless charging kit for the regular S4. Do you think we’ll see one for the Active any time soon?


    I think that whether we see a wireless charging kit for the Galaxy S4 Active at all depends on how well it sells. If it sells really well, I’d say there’s a possibility that one could come out, probably a in few months.


    Will615 asks: What do you think the price of the LG G2 will be?


    It’s fairly likely that since the LG G2 is going to be the company’s new flagship, it will sell for a flagship price. I’d say around $699 off contract or $199 with a contract.


    Android User asks: When will Android 4.3 come to the Samsung Galaxy S4?


    If you’re talking the Galaxy S4 Google Play Editon, Google has said it will be coming “soon” but didn’t mention a specific date. A version of Android 4.3 leaked last month, and if you’re feeling adventurous, you can try it right now. Supposedly, it even works on the vanilla S4.


    Kishor says: Hey Kris, I am looking forward to a purchase of unlocked mobile phone within $380 – $450. Do you have any suggestions?


    There are a ton of good options at that price range. First, I’ve got to mention the Nexus 4, which is actually cheaper at only $299. If you don’t want that, your main options are either a midrange phone, and there are a lot of good ones (see our reviews for more info) or last-gen flagships like the Galaxy S3.


    Vikramjit asks: Will the Samsung Galaxy Note3 have features like Air View and Air Gesture like the Galaxy S4?


    I’m sure that it will, especially since plenty of people never even pull the S Pen out of its holster, but it will be interesting to see how it works with the S Pen.


    Peter says: I’m in Bulgaria and I have a Nexus 4. When am I going to get the Android 4.3 update?


    It should be coming very soon. For all I know, you might already have it by the time I’m answering this question. That said, Google is rolling out the update gradually, so if you’re not seeing it yet, it’s just a matter of time.

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