September 7, 2009
UMEC Android videophone

UMEC Android videophone

Taiwanese electronics company Universal Microelectronics, or UMEC for short, has an interesting looking videophone on display at IFA 2009. This is certainly something different for Android and a break in the mold for UMEC. The device offers a beefy ARM Cortex A8 processor along with a 10.1’’ capacitive 1280 x 720 pixel touchscreen. Naturally, there is a built in DECT phone, as well as HDMI output, an integrated camera, a USB-host for keyboard and/or mouse, and Ethernet. Although it is just a prototype at the moment, it is an early look at what will be available shortly for OEMs and other potential resellers.

There are a couple of videos after the jump from engadget and techvideoblog. Unfortunately the touchscreen drivers were not fully functional so both videos show the device operated using a keyboard and mouse. On a brighter note, this does reveal the plethora of connection options available on this videophone device.

In a similar vein, UMEC also showed off a MID denoted as the MP291 offering up a smaller 5″ 800px by 480px screen. The specifications are fairly similar, including a MicroSD and mini-HDMI out, all for $200. Not bad.

James Tromans
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