September 3, 2010
NES control pad and EVO 4G

NES control pad and EVO 4G

This is a bit of fun, but still pretty cool. Over at HACK A DAY, Mike Szczys has posted a video of a NES emulator running on the HTC EVO 4G controlled by a genuine classic NES control pad. The whole thing was put together by a guy called [Sk3tch]. The other pieces of hardware to make it work include a BlueSMiRF Bluetooth module and an Arduino board. In truth I am not familiar with either of these pieces of kit, but the outcome is sweet.

According to the creator, the whole thing is in an Alpha stage, but it looks pretty good from where I am standing. Sure, there are a bunch of wires and open circuit boards that could be hidden away, but aside from that its not too bad. Video after the jump.

[Source: HACK A DAY]

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