December 8, 2009


The guys over at Slash Gear have had enough hands-on time with Barnes & Noble’s Nook to piece together a fully fledged review. Most of the Android based news and indeed most devices that run Android are based around a Smartphone concept. The Nook is different because it is an eBook reader, similar to Amazon’s Kindle, and yet still runs Google’s Android OS. But this isn’t any old eReader. With two displays, including a full color 3.5’’ capacitive touchscreen for navigation, this thing might even have something to offer those that never thought they’d get sucked in by all the eReader malarkey.

As we mentioned back when we first got the Nook’s specification sheet, it offers WiFi and 3G connectivity. The user is able to user either of these to grab new book off Barnes & Noble’s virtual shelves. Furthermore, when you are in the store physically, you can use free WiFi with your Nook to grab books electronically. This way you can flip through the book physically before buying it electronically. To top this, Barnes & Noble are offering free browsing for up to an hours of any eBook while in store. Finishing on a slight downer, the Nook suffers from a few software issues which Barnes and Noble are looking to address with an OTA software update in the near future. Please visit Slash Gear for the full review, or catch the video after the jump.

James Tromans
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