I meant to post this yesterday, but the business side of this web stuff got in the way (tax season approaches, you know).  In any case, here are my two videos of the Motorola BACKFLIP for AT&T.  I’m currently working on a full written review for, but I can share the videos and some thoughts with you before that is complete.

For starters, the BACKTRACK trackpad controller on the rear side of the display is really annoying for people with big hands like me. I had to disable it to keep from inadvertently moving the cursor around the screen randomly. Folks with smaller hands might not have that problem, though.  I’m also no fan of the keyboard, which is housed on a reverse folding flip section of the phone.  It is too spacious, requiring a lot of travel time for your thumbs. On top of that, the keys don’t have very good feel to them.  The reverse flip was a cool idea, but I think it offers no advantages over a conventional slider from the consumer’s perspective.

Good stuff? Sure, the HVGA res touchscreen display seems more responsive than the similar display found on the CLIQ. The UI in general seems snappier, too.  There are a couple of nice apps that AT&T has added, like the Yellow Pages app, but there’s also a lot of bloatware that you can’t uninstall.  MOTOBLUR still works well, and with more services than ever. It’s not going to be the best [insert social network name here] client you can get, but it is the only one that handles most all of them at one time.  It will work quite nicely for a lot of people.

So watch the videos (one below, one after the jump) and stay tuned for my full review, coming soon.  I’ve also included a few photos from the upcoming review, for your enjoyment.

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