Video: Jon Stewart pokes fun at Google Glass and Instagram

by: Bams SadewoApril 16, 2012

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If you can dream it, Google can probably make it. And if you’re lucky, it’ll spawn countless parodies on YouTube and end up on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show.  We’re talking about Google Glass and Instagram, two sizzling topics of last week that have somewhat irked the host, all in jest, of course.

In his usual irreverent style, Jon Stewart wonders about the absurdity of Google Glass and the recent acquisition of Instagram by Facebook.  Does the comedian extraordinaire think that Google is “the world’s biggest database of people whizzing in public?” Did he really say that Instagram ruins pictures? Why would Facebook pay $1 billion for that? And where does a time machine fit into the Instagram equation? See for yourself below.

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We won’t spoil the funny stuff for you, as some parts LITERALLY had us sending LOL and LMAO texts to our virtual friends. So check out the video if you like to laugh. You do, don’t you?