Video on Instagram official, to take on Twitter’s Vine starting today

by: Chris SmithJune 20, 2013

Video on Instagram

Facebook on Thursday announced Video on Instagram, a short video sharing service ready to take on Twitter’s similar product called Vine.

Before unveiling the new product, which was rumored a few days ago, Instagram’s founder Kevin Systrom stepped talked Instagram numbers, showing, yet again, the popularity of the service.

Instagram, a famous app among iOS and Android users alike, now has 130 million monthly active users who like photos 1 billion times. Over 16 billion photos have been shared on Instagram, so it’s only logical to see the company release a video-based product to take on Vine.

Video on Instagram

Video on Instagram – the official name of the product – will be available on iOS, Android and the web simultaneously.

The Instagram mobile app will look virtually similar – meaning you won’t need a Video on Instagram independent app – and will let you either take pictures or record videos.

Unlike Vine, which limits video to six seconds, Video on Instagram will let you record up to 15 seconds, which Systrom said is just the right size for a video.

Obviously, since we’re talking about Instagram, there are new filters for your video, 13 of them. Moreover, the app will let you select the thumbnail for your video, to make it more attractive to your friends. The video, once taken, is uploaded almost instantly and can be shared via the regular social networks. When played, the video won’t automatically loop like Vine does.

Interestingly, users can delete the last section of a video, in case something gets in the way to ruin that perfect video recording. Speaking of video recording, Video on Instagram will feature a “cinema” stabilization video technology that will remove camera shake from your videos.

Facebook did not unveil any new products except for Video for Instagram, despite being recently rumored to have been working on its own Google Reader alternative.

That said, expect to see Video on Instagram later today, so make sure you check the Play Store for the appropriate update.

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    Now i can actually see my friends “eating” their food.

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    Alright, so when is this releasing so I can post my movies up there ;)

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    How do I get into video-mode on Android? :(

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