November 26, 2009
Inrbics MID

Inrbics MID

Another MID device for you, this time from a company based out of Seoul. Primarily a VoIP solution based company, Inbrics have released a promotional video promising you the world. The device is set for CES next year but for now, there are some vague specifications obtained from a translated press release.

We can expect a slide out five row QWERTY keyboard, which is pretty evident from the video. The good news is that the display is an AMOLED touchscreen, my favorite. Keeping in line with a fairly well ‘specced’ device, there is GPS, a compass and WiFi. This all runs on a ARM Cortex A8 800MHz processor. I haven’t managed to work out how big the screen is yet, and it is probably fruitless given all the rendering, special effects and photoshop the video below has received. Enjoy for yourself after the jump.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.
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