Video: Fourth Samsung SAFE ad showcases one device for both work and play

by: Ankit BanerjeeFebruary 20, 2013

samsung safe fourth ad

Samsung USA has been going all out in publicizing the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 as SAFE devices, that is, Samsung for Enterprise devices (which is catchier, even though SAFE actually stands for Security and Feature enhancements). In a series of videos (in case you missed it, here are videos 1, 2, and 3) Samsung showed how their devices are perfect for business, using, well… unicorns.

Mythical animals aside, the videos raised some good points about how secure the devices are, along with how they can be used for both work and play. Someone probably thought that the final point wasn’t made clear, because here is a fourth Samsung SAFE ad, titled “Samsung USA – SAFE with Two in One” which showcases the fact that a Galaxy S3 or Note 2 can be used for… wait for it… both work and play!

The latest video flashbacks to the first one that showed a lady mentioning her “system” of using one device (an iPhone, even though it’s not explicitly mentioned) for home, and one (a Blackberry, but you didn’t hear that from me) for work. “So until someone makes a phone that can do both really well…” You know where this is going.

Has Samsung convinced you to use their devices for business as well as home? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Filip Justin

    hello?!! – really awesome commercial..

  • Samsung, you so funny :D

  • hurric

    I thought it’s going to suck but it was good

  • wiliiamworlde

    My loyalties have always been divided. *I* like that!

    I am Canadian. I own a Samsung mobile (and TV and external DVD-W, and a brand this and that). BUT, wasn’t our BlackBerry recently touting the new Z10 as the ultimate work and play device? And you know BB can do it!

    Samsung ran a major ad campaign on the new BB launch day and is only NOW touting that its big-ass device is SAFE and can act as a work/play device? Why does it seem as though BB is rattling Samsung so? After all, isn’t BB a has-been, he said, tongue planted firmly in cheek?

    Is Samsung becoming the new Apple in its laggard technology innovations? S3/4, Note 1/2, size differences and minute spec changes with the EXACT, SAME boring PLASTIC design?! Samsung better remember real fast that people got fed up with the monotonous iPhone too (I did and got a Samsung)!


    • Adam Koueider

      Samsung have never really had a huge business in the enterprise that’s been primarily iPhone and BlackBerry but with these ads Sammy’s trying to show that the note and S3 can be used to. I’m pretty sure they aren’t too worried about BB with their last year specs Z10