March 22, 2010
Flash 10.1

Flash 10.1

In the past we’ve seen leaked videos of Flash running on Android, but it has never really lived up to our expectations. For example, we saw what we thought was full Flash, but in fact it was Flash Lite from the HTC Desire ROM. Enough teasing already, we want the full thing.

The video after the jump is alleged to be from someone who works within Adobe watching March Madness live on his Nexus One over 3G connection. It is difficult to make heads or tails of this clip, and we can clearly see some stuttering. However, this could simply be due the 3G connection. Who knows.

Either way, if this is the Nexus One running Flash 10.1, we’re happy.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.
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